Thursday, March 7, 2013

Books, Books, More Books

Don't you just hate it when you reserve a few books at the library with the hopes that they will come one-at-a-time for casual reading, and then they all come at the same time. So now you have to rush through them because there is no way you'll be able to renew them since they are such popular books. Well, here they come...

*Good thing I read the NYTimes article by Michael Moss. Perhaps I can skip this one...

And to top it all off, this came in the mail yesterday...
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Leave a comment: Which one would you start with? Which one piques your interest?

And then come the cookbooks.
This past week I have discovered This is a most interesting site because it runs the gamut of healthy eating, Paleo-centric discussions. And the community is diverse including beginners, seasoned-vets, strict Paleo-ites, and people who are a bit looser in their approach. Sure, it can be frustrating just like any other message-board. But sometimes people post a truly thoughtful and engaging question. My favorite question from the past week was posted by Jared Krauss:

What's the best Non-Paleo Cookbook for the Paleo Home Chef?

I enjoyed this question because, as you know from previous posts, I have learned to love the kitchen and cooking since starting this Paleo journey. I have my list of favorites as you can see on the right of this page, but I wanted to hear from the many chefs and food-bloggers that I follow on the Interwebs and Twitter. Here is a list of 10 that they recommended (a lovely list I must admit).
2) Plenty (also suggested by Neohomesteading)
3) Nourishing Traditions (Suggested by The Paleo Mama; Weston A. Price Foundation Book)
8) Jerusalem: A Cookbook (Ottolenghi) (Suggested by Paleo Comfort Foods)

So what do we do now? Buy a cookbook and GO COOK! Whew, reading and cooking...makes life colorful!

*Thank you for reading my blog. If you find anything you like, please use the links to purchase them. I do get a little kick-back profit. This supports my healthy habit of blog writing and will lead to future giveaways. Thanks for your support!

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