Monday, December 31, 2007

Workout 12/31: Cheers to a Strong Back!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! So we have come to the end of another year, and we have accomplished some things, failed at others, and continue to grow in life. I hope all who have read this little blog have enjoyed following me through some of my experiences. I look forward with anticipation to continue sharing more of these special times with you in the upcoming year. Later this week I will sit down and take inventory of my goals from 2007 and create new goals or re-establish old goals for 2008. This way you all can keep me accountable. Thanks!

CrossFit: Row/Squat/Extend
5 Rounds for Time of:
500m Row
30 Squats
15 Back Extensions
(Time: 24.38)

That one burned my back up! I hobbled around the gym for many minutes after doing that workout, and I think I garnered some funny looks. It was amazing to see so many new must be the new year. Resolutions were intact a day early and Christmas presents were cashed in. I hope everyone sticks with their goals and not fall off the "bandwagon." For all of you starting something new, try CrossFit. It'll keep you going, and it may make others stare at a good way. CHEERS!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Workout 12/29: 5k Run

CrossFit: Simply Run a 5k (3.1 Miles) for Time:
Time: 25.54 (8.20/mile pace)

Workout 12/28: Barbara Lite (Almost)

CrossFit: Barbara Lite
5 Rounds; Timing each round individually with exactly 3 minutes of rest between each round or:
10 Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
40 Squats

Rd. 1: 4.14
Rd. 2: 4.38
Rd. 3: 4.38
Rd. 4: 5.29

*Ugh! I walked away from this one after 3 rounds, but talked myself back into it for a 4th round. But since I felt a little guilty being at the gym for as long as I had, I decided to skip the 5th round. Well, there's always a chance to complete it next time. I hit the WALL if you can't see that between Round 3 and Round 4.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Workout 12/26: "Total" Recall

So Christmas is over with, and we had a blast celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We made Him a birthday cake, and we got the chance to finish the Advent story. Evie loved every bit of it. Of course, she is now dealing with the post-Christmas blues of not giving and getting gifts, but she was reminded that we still have that Ultimate Gift given at Christmas time.

What a great time for an end-of-year progress report! It's been nearly a year now that I have started CrossFit, and it's time to check on the gains I have made in physical strength. During my first month of CrossFit, I did CrossFit Total, which is one measure of strength gained using the Back Squat, the Shoulder Press, and the Deadlift. Way back in April I set the goal of obtaining a CFT score of 615 by Thanksgiving. Well, I slacked a month before CFT came up again, so figured I ought to tackle it this time. I didn't meet my goal, but I am getting closer. The body still amazes me, and now it's time to set another future goal.

Goal: CrossFit Total score of 650 by Grad School Graduation Day (June)

CrossFit Total:
Back Squat-205#
Shoulder Press-115#
TOTAL: 575#
(Click the link above to see what CFT is all about)

Workout 12/24: Rowing Bench

Three Rounds for Time of:
500 meter Row
115# Bench Press

Workout 12/22: Modified "Joshie"

CrossFit: Modified "Joshie"
Five Rounds for Time of:
25# Dumbbell Snatches (Right Arm) x 15
Pull-ups x 15
25# Dumbbell Snatches (Left Arm) x 15
Pull-ups x 15
(Did Not Time)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Workout 12/21: Modified "Badger"

I worked out with my co-worker who , unfortunately, grew up in Wisconsin. So when she heard that today's workout was named "Badger," she got all excited. Well, even though it isn't named after the love-able "Bucky," we agreed that we did feel like we were attacked by an overgrown ferret afterwards. So, when we exit the school in a few short hours to enjoy our two-week break away from school, we will remember the pain of a "Badger" attack.

Speaking of Wisconsin, I hope all of my relatives and friends in places like Wausau and Madison have a blessed Christmas! Don't fill up on too much cheese! And for those sports fans, all I have to say is "Go Bears! Win us a moral victory!," and "Go Tennessee! A badger is no match for a volunteer!"

CrossFit: Modified "Badger"
Three Rounds for Time of:
55# Squat Cleans x 25
Jumping Pull-ups x 25
800 meter Run
(Time: 33.41)*I mean, just look at that face. It doesn't look like he really enjoys it either. It must give him a stomach ache.

Workout 12/20: Run

So, CrossFit called for a 5k run today. Running was fresh. I realized I really do enjoy running still. I ran with members of my newly formed high school track team. This totally reminds me of Team M3 training...oh how I miss you Foreman High Schoolers...Keep on Truckin'!

Run: 2 Miles

*Okay, so I didn't run 5k. Thanks for helping realize my flaws.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Workout 12/19: Fran

I did "Fran" as perscribed! Ugh! That's hard! I guess there is a reason why people boast over times that break the 5 or even 10 minute range. Here's how it went down...and it went down hard!

CrossFit: "Fran"
21-15-9 rep sets of:
95# Thrusters
For Time!

*It's an easy workout to type, but not to actually do! In fact, I'd say the workout is just about as harsh as listening to the person pictured below. I'd much rather do this workout again than watch an T.V. show with her on it.And at least she is doing things to improve the health of women (see

Friday, December 14, 2007

Workout 12/14: Stop the "Press"

Oh my goodness...the 24 hour rule really does apply to me. I did "Angie" the other day, and I felt great 12 hours later. But then 4:00 PM rolled around, and what did I experience? I felt like I was slowly being hit by a train. My body is so sore right now! I now know what people mean when they need to have recovery days after doing that workout. I feel like some recovery days, but I am stubborn enough not to take many; in fact, I was found working out again this morning at I a little nuts? Maybe eating all of those nuts on the Zone diet have made me mentally nuts too.

Reader BEWARE! The next paragraph has to do with Pukie, so if you don't want to read about it, skip this paragraph. Okay, so I have never experienced "Pukie the Clown," a lovely name for working out to the point of puking (Thank you CrossFit). However, I witnessed Pukie last night in the form of my daughter. We were having a great time with the kids as we sang and danced around the family room. We sang the old song, "If your happy and you know it, clap your hands...[clap] [clap]...etc." I got creative and added things like "spin around," "jump around," and "dance like crazy." Evie, being the awesome girl she is, had a blast following my direction. However, I think my direction went a little over board when she got the hick-ups from laughing so much. She hick-uped a little Pukie, but she held it in her mouth. She kind of chewed a little and puffed her cheeks out some, then slowly swallowed her treasure. After about a minute of us laughing hysterically, she sweetly said, "Yummmm, lettuce!" Ugh! My wife nearly experienced Pukie after that! Ah, memories!

CrossFit: Press Medley
Shoulder Press-1x65#, 1x95#, 1x115#, 1x115#, 1x120#
Push Press-3x95#, 3x105#, 3x105#, 3x115#, 3x120#

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Workout 12/12: Angie

Oh wow! I had no idea the workout I did was going to be so hard. I was looking at times on the CrossFit page, and figured I could finish "Angie" in about 20 minutes or so. Well, I had my expectations handed to me on a plate all mangled up. "Angie" was a nasty dish, but I will return for seconds next time it is served up. Kudos to Kim for doing "Angie" in an amazing time. I guess I have to learn that kipping action and lose a few dozen pounds. That would definitely make pull-ups easier.

CrossFit: Angie
100 Pull-ups (15.37)
100 Push-ups (8.47)
100 Sit-ups (8.45)
100 Squats (4.07)
For Time: 37.17

*This is an accurate photo of how I felt at the end of "Angie." Photo courtesy of CrossFit Atlanta. It looks like a fun time had by all down there. That reminds me, I have to get to my local CrossFit facility--Windy City CrossFit.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Joys of Taking a Christmas Picture with Kids!

I think the pictures tell it all...

Workout 12/10: Deadlifts

Okay, I am starting to be consistent enough with CrossFit that I am beginning to repeat workouts. This is great because I can now see progress! Yay, PROGRESS! I have also pulled new CrossFitters into the mix. I again worked out with my co-workers today, and all of them tried the deadlift. One of these days, one will walk into my school and see a bunch of buff teachers...HA!

This weekend was a blast! We put up our Christmas tree, and our children loved being involved in the process. Evie put ornaments all over the tree and "helped" me put the star on top. Ezra was dazzled by the lights as they were strung around the tree. This gets me so psyched for Christmas! Two weeks! YAY! Pictures coming very soon!

CrossFit: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3 (that's 5 sets of 3 reps for maximum weight)
CF Warm-up x 2
Deadlift Warm-ups: 5 @ 135#, 5 @ 135#, 5 @ 155#
Deadlifts: 3 @ 185#, 3 @ 205#, 3 @ 225#, 3 @ 235#, 3 @ 245# (PR)
*Eyes to the ceiling...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Workout 12/8: Lynne

I love weekends that aren't burdensome with lists of things to do. Sleeping in is perfect during these cold wintry days, being woken up by my daughter as she jumps on the bed is priceless, going on gym-dates with my wife as the kids hang out in the nursery is wonderful, and putting up our Christmas tree with Evie's hand-made ornaments is going to be oh so memorable. We'll see if I can put the star on top of the tree after today's workout. I'm afraid I might not be able to lift my arms over my head by that time of the day. Have a wondrous weekend everyone!

CrossFit: "Lynne"
5 Rounds of Max reps of:
115# Bench Press
(17-7, 8-5, 8-4, 7-4, 6-3; 46 BPs + 23 PUs = 69)
*Ezra wasn't having it in the nursery, so Susanne had to pull out of our workout together. So without the spotter, I had to switch over to the dreaded Smith machine. Working out with someone there to push you is so much better than none. What do you say Susanne? Want to workout again sometime soon? I loved it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Workout 12/7: Run, SDHP, Thrust

Aren't intentions good enough? No? Oh man, well, at least my intentions got me through 3/5 of the workout. I had a blast though; today I recruited my first workout partner with CrossFit. My co-worker, Ms. Turner-Ayala, joined me as we tackled one of the harder workouts I have done in a long time. Yes, all CrossFit workouts are hard, but I thought I'd crumble today. I am already looking forward to this workout again, because I want to do it in completion.

CrossFit: Run, SDHP, Thrust
Five Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
65# Sumo Deadlift High Pulls x 21
65# Thrusters x 21
(Made it through 3 Rounds: 27.44)

*Had I completed that as listed, I would have been late for my morning teacher meetings. It's the first time that I was actually thankful for professional development meetings.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Workout 12/5: Pull-ups on the Minute

Winter is here! Fresh snow is on the ground (about 4 inches), and most of it is still white. Ask me how I feel about winter in a week, and you may find me having a different attitude. My attitude about winter turns sour as soon as the snow turns grey. But for now, I will relish the positive attitude.
Okay, fine, there are fun things about snow...this picture proves it!

CrossFit: Clocking Pull-ups
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.
7 Rounds + 4 (Total: 32 Pull-ups)

*I feel like a weakling, and then I remember when I couldn't even do one pull-up without assistance. These were REAL, TRUE, STRICT Pull-ups...WOW! Okay, I'm finished patting myself on the back! It just goes to show what training can got me to and through three marathons, and now it is improving my total fitness and strength.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Workout 12/3: Michael Redux

Wow! Time flies! I cannot believe that it is December already. July doesn't seem that far away (other than the fact that it is about 9 degrees outside instead of 90). November hardly seems like it existed (that month flies by so fast, why is that?). And before I know it, Christmas will be upon us.

This year, December is going to be extra special since Evie is now at the age where she can be completely involved in Christmas. On Saturday, we started reading through an Advent book and lighting the candles on the Advent wreath. This book is so cool! Each page has a beautifully designed page with a door that the kids can open. Inside each door is a new part of the Christmas story, so each day you go back and review the story and then open a new part. Evie is so excited to open the next day's door! It's so cute! I suggest you all check this book out, especially if you want to start a new Christmas tradition that brings the focus back to the REAL "reason for the season."

So, what else does this mean? Well, I have three weeks to meet any of my goals for the year. Most of my goals have been accomplished or nearly accomplished. However, I want to make sure these goals last all the way until January 1. That means I have three weeks to stay active, start running again, and continue watching what I eat. Oh, but my body wants to go into hibernation mode. CrossFit will get me out of that nice cave of comfort called the bed.

CrossFit: Michael
Warm-up (Thanks to Kim for posting her warm-up on her blog, it gave me new ideas)
Three Rounds for Time of:
800 m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
(Time: 35.45; 30 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago...yay!)
Okay, so I wasn't in this much pain! Thank goodness that CrossFit doesn't have us working on crazy machines that contort one's body...see this article for an interesting view on massive GloboGyms.