Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Workout 12/30: Spin Class

Today was a confirmation of how far I have come since training for marathons, and I've come far in the wrong direction. I took a spin class that I used to be challenged by, but not as much as I was this morning. My lungs were burning! But I guess that's a good thing; at least working out is actually "work." I will get back to form, but I think my marathoning days are over. I've got a spiritual marathon to train for.

Workout: Spin Class
1 Hour of Leg Churning, Lung Burning Fun

Monday, December 29, 2008

Workout 12/29: Presses...

Needing accountability when it comes to working out...
Goal: Lose at least 10 pounds by February 23
Current Status: 193 lbs.
Motivation: 1 Timothy 4:7-10 (Recognize that I'm not just interested in physical training)

Workout: Presses
Warm-up 10 minutes running
CrossFit WOD:
Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1 (95-105-115-125-130(f))
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 (105-115-125-130(f)-130(f))
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 (95-105-115-120(f)-95)

Wow! Regular exercise is key...spiritually and physically!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Workout 10/14: 1ks

Workout: 3 x 1k
1) 8.6 mph on treadmill
2) DNF
3) 8.4 mph on treadmill
4) 8.5 mph on treadmill

My second lk was cut short since my ankle decided to bite. I don't know if it was wise to do those last two 1ks after that happened since I want to make it to the starting line on Saturday, but I did it anyway. I am glad I persevered; I just hope it wasn't at the cost of a sprained ankle.

Workout 10/13: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3

Workout: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3
1) 205#
2) 225#
3) 245#
4) 265#
5) 275# (PR)

Whew! I didn't think I would get that last deadlift set; starting was really labored. But once I got going, I kept going. This is a good reminder next time when I aim for another PR. The first one is always the hardest. For all of those who tried their first marathon this past weekend, the same rule applies. The first one is always the hardest. Also a good reminder for me with the URBANATHLON this Saturday. The first will be the hardest!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Workout 10/2: C&J on a Running Clock

Workout: Clean & Jerks on a Running Clock
Do 1 C&J in first minute, 2 C&Js in second minute, 3 C&Js in third minute...
Continually Running Clock
Results: 8 Rounds + 5 in 9th Round
Total C&Js: 41 x 65# Clean and Jerks

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Workout 9/30: Back Squats

Have you ever heard the phrase, "My eyes were bigger than my _________"? You fill in the blank with something like "stomach." Well, today I found that my eyes were bigger than my strength. I thought for sure I could back squat more weight than I was actually able to do. Now don't get me wrong, my predictions were based on past performance, but it so happens that five back squats is much more work than one back squat. So, here it is...

Workout: Back Squats 5-5-5-5-5
*I could have gone heavier, but I think that did it for today. I'll chalk it up to ramping down a little bit before the Urbanathlon. I'd hate to arrive at that start line injured or super sore.GO SOX!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Workout 9/29: 10k

So, "Failure is not an option." Well, how about not quite meeting the recommended workout. Ugh, I need to figure out this morning workout stuff. Earlier to bed, earlier to wake up, more time to eat a proper breakfast early enough for it to be semi-digested before working out, proper hydration, etc. Those are but a few things to work on as I move through the year.

Workout: Run 10k at 95% Effort
Actual: 5.6 miles in 47:13
*I must have gone out a bit too fast. I couldn't maintain it and had to end early. I probably could have gone all 6.2 miles, but my body was not keeping up. Not just that, but that amount of time on a treadmill is B-O-R-I-N-G! I need a motivational boost.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Workout 9/25: 5k

The countdown has officially begun for me and the Urbanathlon. Yeah, it's in October, and I'm still focused on September, but next week will mark the turning of my calendar. A new month FULL of fun stuff...Urbanathlon, CPS Shakespeare!, and more teaching. Speaking of CPS Shakespeare!, we've been written about. Check it out!

Broadwayworld.com Article

Workout: 5k Time Trial (TT)
I didn't bother timing this since it was done on a treadmill and would not be an accurate measure of a true road race. So I ran it at an average of 7.6 mph on the treadmill. That's about the same pace of my best 5k so far.

Workout 9/24: Virtual Shoveling & Push-ups

It's not even winter yet, and CrossFit has us getting ready for shoveling weather. Now that autumn is upon us, it's time to get geared up for my least favorite season. Yes, winter is my nemesis. Of course, I could move to another part of the world where snow is foreign, but that would mean moving out of a city like Chicago. It is a great city for at least 5 months out of the year. I've decided that I want a winter with very little snow and temps that rarely fall below 30 degrees...is that too much to ask? Probably. At least I have my family to keep me warm.

Workout: Shoveling and Pushing
For Time:
25, 20, 15, 10 rep sets of
Virtual Shoveling
(Time: 11:51)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Workout 9/22: 1Ks + Isabel

Ah! I am so happy to be back on a schedule that works well. I never realized how effective a consistent workout schedule is. As with most things in life, consistency is the key--a steady, enduring pace. Yes, there are moments where sprinting and recovering, but too much "recovery" becomes laziness. So this blog becomes my measure of consistency. Let's keep going!

Morning Workout: 2 x 1ks
#1) 8.0 mph on treadmill
#2) 8.6 mph on treadmill
*Faster next time! I forgot that I can run 1 mile in under 7:00. That should have been my starting speed.

Afternoon Workout: Isabel
30 x 65# Snatches
(Time: N/A)
*Firstly, I need to get a watch back on my wrist. This "no timing" stuff is out of hand. I have no measure of effort without it. Secondly, I need work on full-squat snatches. These were more like power snatches. Don't be fooled, I need major work on doing everything correctly.
Photo courtesy of Pioneer Valley Crossfit
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Workout 9/18: Treadmill Tabata + Grace

Failure is not an option! That's what I keep telling my students. There is no way in the world I will let my students fail my class. And although I can't control their other classes, I challenged them all with the goal of "Not 1 F" the whole year. Well, I think I need to apply this to myself too. Failure is not an option, and God is my teacher. Once we are adopted into His family, we are not allowed to fail. He is a "warm demander" and an example of what we need to be as parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. So with that idea in mind, I figured I should apply it to my workouts too. Reflecting on the title of this blog tells me this should be how it is in every aspect of one's life. Failure is not an option!

Morning Workout: Treadmill Tabata
20 seconds on/10 seconds off
12% Grade Incline
8:19/mile pace
x 8
*Whew! Failure is not an option. I got through 6 and had to take a break, but I got myself back on to finish the last 2 sets. I'm sure someone at the gym looked at me and said silently, "That doesn't look so hard. You call that a workout?" Yeah, I call that a workout, 4 minutes of craziness!

Afternoon Workout: Grace
65# Clean & Jerks x 30
*Yep, I can go heavier next time this one comes up.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Workouot 9/16: Park to Park Workout

At what point to I get worried about my feet bothering me when I run. My ankle hurts, my heel is tender. What do I do? Do I wrap my ankle each time I run? Do I find some specific stretches to do for that area? Do I get physical therapy? Hm, if you have any ideas, please share them. One thing is for sure though, I don't plan on stopping.

Workout with Dan: Park to Park Workout
Run ~800m
Max unbroken Pull-ups
Run ~800m
Max unbroken Squats
Run ~800m
Max unbroken Push-ups
Run ~800m
*Oh yeah, running after squats is hilariously fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Workout 9/15: 200m Sprints and The Chief

Okay, my act is pulling together here as I have mentioned last post. So, here's the plan; I have the Urbanathlon coming up soon, so it's time to get serious. The plan includes CF and CFEndurance. And today I will attempt to do a duel workout.

Morning Workout: 6x200m Sprints @ 90%
(On Treadmill)
1) 8.6 mph
2) 8.8 mph
3) 9.0 mph
4) 9.2 mph
5) 9.4 mph
6) 10.0 mph
*It was hard to gauge 90% effort since I was not running on solid ground. So I just picked a starting point and ratcheted it up. That last one was approaching difficulty, but I bet I could start faster next time.

Afternoon Workout: "The Chief"
Max Sets in 3:00 of...
75# Power Cleans x 3
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
x 5 Rounds
(Rd. 1: 4 Sets; Rd. 2: 3+; Rd. 3: 3+; Rd. 4: 3+; Rd. 5: 3)
*I did it!
I found a spring goal. I'll be looking for a team soon! Any takers?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Workout 7/28: CFT

Summer is superb! I love the fact that this summer in Chicago is relatively normal. Nothing too hot, nothing too cold. I guess Chicago is okay, but don't ask me how I feel about Chicago in March. I'm not quite ready to think about the 6 months of winter doldrums yet.

Today I was able to ride my bike to the gym before CrossFit Total. I haven't had the chance to ride my bike regularly this summer. But now that summer school is over, I have the freedom to ride a bit more. "I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars." Yep, my wife will love it when she reads this. You're very welcome for getting that song stuck in your head. And if you don't know what I am talking about, you might just click on the link below.

Morning Workout: CrossFit Total
Back Squat: 240#-250#-260#(f)
Shoulder Press: 115#-120#(f)-120#(f)
Deadlift: 285#-295#-305#(f)
CFT Score: 660

Workout 7/28: CFT

Summer is superb! I love the fact that this summer in Chicago is relatively normal. Nothing too hot, nothing too cold. I guess Chicago is okay, but don't ask me how I feel about Chicago in March. I'm not quite ready to think about the 6 months of winter doldrums yet.

Today I was able to ride my bike to the gym before CrossFit Total. I haven't had the chance to ride my bike regularly this summer. But now that summer school is over, I have the freedom to ride a bit more. "I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars." Yep, my wife will love it when she reads this. You're very welcome for getting that song stuck in your head. And if you don't know what I am talking about, you might just click on the link below.

Morning Workout: CrossFit Total
Back Squat: 240#-250#-260#(f)
Shoulder Press: 115#-120#(f)-120#(f)
Deadlift: 285#-295#-305#(f)
CFT Score: 660

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Workout 7/22: Push Jerks

No, I didn't go around pushing around jerks all day long. In fact, I don't think I have come upon too many jerks recently, and that is fine by me. The push jerk is just another one of the Olympic weightlifting things. Speaking of Olympics, I am so excited to watch those sports very soon. I just hope every time I turn them on I don't have to watch girls gymnastics and swimming. Yes, those sports are cool and all, but I can only take so much. I want to see the variety of sports that actually take place at the Olympics. But enough of what I want.

Workout: Push Jerks 3-3-3-3-3
115#, 125#, 135#, 145#(f), 140#

Monday, July 21, 2008

Workout 7/21: 2k Row + 10x200m Sprints

Alright, time to get serious. Time is flying by, and races are starting to get close, so I need to get down to business. Yesterday, Susanne and I went for a run with the kids. What a blast! It was hot, we were sweaty, but in the end we knew we had accomplished something. We both ran 5 miles, and I had the privilege of pushing the kids in "the chariot" the whole way. But that run kicked me into gear. I'm pumped up to return to regular training and motivated to kick some tail in the upcoming races.

Today's workouts were a step in the right direction. I am returning to CrossFit Endurance training, which often means two-a-day workouts. Fortunately, Susanne took a day off this morning, so I was able to return to the gym for which we are paying money. Ah globogyms! At least it provides me with equipment that I cannot afford in one fell swoop. Today, the globogym provided me with a rower.

Morning: Row 2k for Time
(Time: 9:07)
*Not stellar, but like I said, a step in the right direction.

Afternoon: 10 x 200m Sprints
Each sprint is followed by a rest period. Rest is figured out by multiplying the sprint time by 5 (for example, sprint :36, rest 3:00)
Round (Time; Rest)
*Times coming tomorrow morning. I left them at school.

Workout 7/9: Thurston Jogger Series 5k in Dallas

I know, I know. I have disappointed you all with my lack of consistency again. The summer time is a difficult time to add things to my blog. But so much for excuses.

I have done many workouts over the past weeks, but I cannot recall them all right now. Rather, I will just post this.

I ran my second 5k of the summer in HOT Dallas. 98 degrees, a touch of humidity, and an evening race after a day of work. All of these factors added up to a not so superb time in this 5k. However, I did get out there and try. It was a fun race. You could tell it was a hometown race that mostly locals ran. And the local yokles are adapted to the heat. So this northern bred boy showed his weakness.

Time: 26:06

*Not good! But hey, at least I can make excuses.

Advertisement time...Athlinks is a cool tool if you are a runner or triathlete. Any and every event and result that your name is attached to is compiled here. See how fun it is and become my running "buddy" or "rival" at Paul's Athlinks Page.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Workout 7/5: Negative Split 10k

Many of you have noticed that I have taken a siesta on the blogging, but I have continued to track my CrossFitting and everything else. It's amazing how the summer months can consume you completely. Family time, relaxing, teaching (nothing stressful of course), and the heat of summer. Good times! So in an effort to catch up, I'm just going to post the bare essentials, and then maybe I can get back on track this week. I'm currently in Dallas for a teacher conference, so we'll see what fun comes up. Hopefully I'll get to tour a few of the lovely CF Affiliates here in the Land of the Longhorns.

Yesterday's Workout: Negative Split 10k
Run the first 5k at 80-90% effort; the second 5k should be faster and quicker than the first 5k.
5k #1: 27:22
5k #2: 26:10
Total: 53:32.83

Whew! That was fun on a hot day!

Workout 7/4: Sprints + Lynne

Workout #1: 200m and 400m Sprints
2 x 200m (60 seconds each)
3 x 400m (90 seconds each)

Workout #2: Lynne
Five Rounds of:
Max 135# Bench Presses
Max Pull-ups
(I washed off the numbers before I had a chance to record them. All I know is it was not as good as my previous efforts because I longed for a spotter.)

Workout 7/1: 5k @ 80-90% Effort

Workout: 5k @ 80-90% Effort
(Time: 26:15)
Too Fast! I almost have control of this pacing stuff.

Workout 6/28: 3-Mile Run

Workout: 3-Mile Run
*No Time, just hanging out with Dan. Summer running is da bomb!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Workout 6/25: 1-Mile Time Trial + Thrusters/Pull-ups

Workout #1: 1-Mile Time Trial
(Time: 6:57.30) YES! Another PR at this distance. Rock on!

Workout #2: Thrusters/Pull-ups
As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:
10 x 45# Thrusters
10 Pull-ups
(9 Rounds + 5 Thrusters)

Now that's a good day's work!

Workout 6/24: CrossFit Total

Test Time!

Workout: CrossFit Total
Back Squat: 235-245-255
Shoulder Press: 115-120-125(f)
Deadlift: 275-285-305(f)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Workout 6/23: Treadmill Tabata + Shoulder Press/Back Extension

Workout #1: Treadmill Tabata; Ah! the Dreaded Treadmill Tabata
Only made it through half of the 8 total rounds. Wow! What a hip flexor burner!

Workout #2: Shoulder Press/Back Extension
Seven Rounds for Time of:
21 x 55# Shoulder Presses
21 Back Extension
(Time: 29:24)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Workout 6/21: Spring Lake Heritage Festival 5k

4:00 AM-Wake up to thunderstorm and kiddos crying...
5:00 AM-Kiddos crying again...
5:43 AM-Alarm goes off...
5:47 AM-Alarm goes off again; Ezra still crying on and off...
5:49 AM-Conversation with Susanne: "Still wanna go?" "No, but we're up anyways so we might as well go..."
5:51 AM-Feet hit the floor and we get ready to go
7:15 AM-Register for race, hardly anyone else around
7:22 AM-Park's sprinkler system fires on the registration tents and porta-potties
7:30 AM to 7:52 AM-Wait, wait, wait some more...walk around the cemetery looking at names and dates
7:55 AM-Hit the porta-potty one last time.
8:00 AM-Take off with the starter's horn!

Workout: 5k for Time
Time: 24:18 (3 seconds off my PR...whew! What could I have done had it not been anniversary week with all that delicious food I ate? Who knows...but we'll find out in July and August.)

Workout 6/19: Love Run

Today marked 9 years of marriage for me and Susanne. Yeah us! So before we headed to Saugatuck, MI for our anniversary getaway, we decided to go for a little run together. Interestingly, that run was like a metaphor for our marriage. It was a long run (yep, we are in this for the long run), it was a bit hilly (we've had our ups and downs), and we finished strong (which is how we plan to always live our lives together). I can't wait to see what the ultramarathon of our marriage holds for us over our remaining years. Next year marks the double-digits of years married (whew!).

Workout: Love Run
(Time: 9 years and counting; Distance: Many lovely miles)

Workout 6/17: Gut Punch

Workout: "Gut Punch"
For time:
50 Sit-ups
50 Tuck-jumps
50 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Sit-ups
30 Burpees
50 Sit-ups
(Time: 21:50)

*As Rx'd included 20 more Burpees, but I could not muster any more of those out of me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Workout 6/16: Squat Medley + Run

The weight of the world is off my back. I am not sure if I made this clear in my past postings, but I am so relieved that the summer is upon us and I don't have to worry anymore about grad school or grading papers (at least for the next two weeks). Yes, teachers are blessed to have the summers off; don't be jealous. I don't really even remember the last time I slept in until 8:00AM. Nor do I remember the last time I could spend nearly 2 hours at the gym getting a proper warm-up and a proper cool-down. But today afforded me that opportunity. And I will relish it while it lasts.

Morning: Squat Medley
Overhead Squats 1-1-1-1-1
Front Squats 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squats 1-1-1-1-1
(Add weight for each rep including between squat types)
*Recorded weights in lbs.

OHS 65-95-95-105-115(f)
FS 145-165-185-195-200
BS 205-235-255-X-X
*I failed to do the last two reps because I nearly failed at 255. I didn't have a spotter, so I thought it was wise to spot where I did. Lesson learned that I should have ramped up a bit slower between BS#1 and BS#2.

Afternoon: Run
Distance: Who knows...more than expected!
Time: Who knows...longer than expected!
*So Susanne and I took the kiddos out for a run in "The Chariot" with our friends, the Bensons. It was a blissful day; sunny with a nice cool breeze. We decided to take a run out to Northerly Island. If you are in the Chicago area and want a place for some solace, Northerly Island is the place to go. Well, Susanne was in for a longer run than she was used to, so we decided to part ways for a bit while the the rest of us took on a longer route. Funny thing is, even if you took a longer route, you should be able to see the persons who take the shortcuts. Of course my thought was we'd catch up to Susanne. However, we lost her. I freaked out! My mind was taking me on the wildest trips that included having to file a missing persons report with the police and raising my children without a mother. On top of running nearly three times the distance we had originally planned, I was stressed mentally thinking of all of these possibilities (awful possibilities). After searching Northerly Island long enough, I decided to return to the Bensons where we decided to meet up after I gave the kids over to them while I took my third trip to N.I. to thoroughly search for my wife. So back to the Bensons where I was sure I'd have to call the police, but who was standing there ready to go home? My wife. Talk about a mix of emotions. But of course relief was the best feeling of all.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Workout 6/13: Michael

Workout: "Michael"
3 Rounds for Time of:
800m Run
35 Back Extensions
35 Sit-ups
(Time: 24:50)

*Not so good. This workout had me sucking air big time this morning. I think I took those 800s at a pace that was a bit fast for me. I was trying to estimate my pace based on previous runs, but I most definitely overshot. The final two 800s were killer, and I had to take small breaks during it. I was bummed with that, but now I know that the pace needs to be reeled in a bit. It wasn't meant to be a Time Trial 800, so I'll learn from my mistake.

Note: I think I've found my big event for next year...

Workout 6/12: 1-Legged Squats, Dips, Pull-ups

Five Rounds for Time of:
10 One-Legged Squats (each leg)
12 Dips
15 Pull-ups
(Time: 21:20)

Ugh! That was a hard workout and not fun at all, but what workout is supposed to be "fun"? So I'm suspicious of pictures like this...
It should look more like this...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Workout 6/11: Deadlifts + AFAP Run

It's the end of the year as we know it! I just put in my student's grades. Students have decided not to come to school and opted for the beach instead (no complaints here). I don't have to pack up too much in my room. Grad school is wrapped up. I picked up my graduation regalia yesterday and returned all my books. My summer is planned. If only you could witness the joy I have inside right now.

Yesterday was the "Staff vs. Seniors" softball game at my school. Oh what joy! It's so fun to be at a school that has events like that going on. You must understand that I came from a school where I taught for four years, and I don't think we ever did anything fun like that. We, the staff, won the game, and I had a blast. I am so looking forward to next year and all the fun things that I can now participate in since I don't have grad school to worry about.

Time to workout!

Morning: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3

Afternoon: As Far As Possible in 20:00
(Distance: 2.47 miles; 8:05/mile pace)*This is Oscar Pistorius

Monday, June 9, 2008

Workout 6/9: Burpees and Pull-ups

Today is the last day of my grad school experience. Thank the Lord for that because I don't think I could take much more of it. Today's workout sort of resembled the ups and downs and struggles of the past three years. Sometimes I felt like stopping, other times I felt like I was pulling so hard and accomplishing little. But I drove through it and am now at the end.

Workout: Burpees and Pull-ups
5 Rounds for Time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups
(Time: 21:20)

Ouch!*No Excuses! If you don't have the money for weights, just find a friend! Photo courtesy of CrossFit San Diego.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Workout 6/6: Hanging Power Snatch

Workout: Hanging Power Snatches

*All of that repetition of weights was an attempt to have perfect form rather than just muscling up the weight. Every time I was able to get the weight over my head, but I was often pressing the weight at the end in order to lock out. Also, I was trying to get my hips involved as much as possible, but it took a lot of concentration. I am sure I could get heavier weights above my head, but I want to get comfortable with the movement first.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Oakland

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Workout 6/5: 5k @ 80%

Have I ever mentioned how much I love summer? I was listening to a radio program this morning, and the host was complaining about summer and how winter is so much better because you can prepare for the weather by throwing on more clothes before you go outside. His complaint about summer was there's nothing you can do when it's hot and humid. For me, that's not a big deal. Yeah, sweating is sort of gross, but I'd much rather sweat than shiver. I'd much rather wear t-shirts and shorts than three layers of sweaters. I'd rather be outside than stuck inside. I'd rather have the fans on than the furnace. So, here's to summer!

This morning's run was in summer-like humidity. We are supposed to see our first 90-degree temperatures this week, so it's time to break out the shorts and prepare for a summer of fun.

Morning Workout: 5k @ 80%
Goal Pace: 9:21/mile
Actual: 3.06 miles in 27:09.68 (8:52/mile pace)

*Again, too fast! Cursed pacing! I think by the end of the summer I'll have a grasp on pacing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Workout 6/4: Cindy on Steroids

Craziness...Busy...End of the School Year...

I am so ready for it all to be over. Summer is filling up with fun starting right away with an anniversary trip in Michigan with my beautiful wife. We have a massage session scheduled. Who knew those things could be so addicting. Then it's a week of relaxation before summer school starts. This year I get to work with incoming freshmen through a project called GEAR-UP. That should be a great time getting to know some of the students I'll have next year. Then things swing into the end of summer with the beginning of CPS Shakespeare, a program through with CPS students get the opportunity to act on the Chicago Shakespeare Theater with professional acting training. Peppered throughout all of that fun are some races and continued training. I have to get is started off right by finishing strong these last few days of the school year, so today CrossFit threw us a bigger, badder version of Cindy.

Morning Workout: Cindy on Steroids
As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes of:
9 Pull-ups
12 Push-ups
27 Squats
(6 Rounds + 9 Pull-ups + 12 Push-ups + 8 Squats)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Workout 6/2: 5k @ 90%

Pacing, pacing, pacing...it's tricky! Yes, having been a runner for awhile now, I have always heard about the importance of pacing and training at levels that are not 100% all the time. But I never took the time to literally figure out how to pace. Training calendars usually say, run at 75%. Or run at 90% of your marathon pace. Well, I was lazy when it came to this, so I figured I'd run a "slow" pace or a "medium" pace on those runs. Finally, I have enough data to accurately figure out a targeted pace. But by no means have I mastered it. As you will see today, my legs don't know what a certain effort should feel like. So today, when my legs were a bit tired between miles 1 and 2, I should have known I was going to be over the prescribed pace.

Workout: Run 5k at 90% of your 5k PR.
5k PR = 24:15 (Pace: 7:49/mile)
90% = 26:40 (Pace: 8:42/mile)
Actual Run: 24:54 (Pace: 8:08/mile)

*Glancing at my watch on the last stretch was evidence enough that I needed to slow down drastically so that I wouldn't break a PR on this run. But it's impossible to reduce yourself to a shuffle or walk when you've been going a certain pace. So I figured a lesson had been learned, and I'd apply it to my next paced run.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Workout 5/31: 3+ Mile Run

I "heart" accountability runs. Try running a good pace while having a conversation. It's not the easiest thing to do, but the benefits outweigh the suffering.

Workout: Run 3+ Miles
(No Time...I never time accountability runs since time is not the point.)

Workout 5/30: CrossFit Total

Let's take a trip down memory lane and reflect on a goal I had set for myself. The last time I did CFT, I scored 605. After that, I mentioned that I knew I could improve over the next few months, so I figured I could improve 45 points over the next 6 months if I stuck to CF training and took care of myself. Well, I haven't necessarily been taking the best care of myself when I think about my diet, but I have been fairly consistent with training. So CFT came up again, and I set some goal weights in order to reach 650. Did I make it? You be the judge of that...

Workout: CrossFit Total (Three attempts at achieving your maximum weight on an exercise) Please realize that there is a ramp-up warm-up that goes along with this, so I am not lifting these on cold muscles.
Back Squat: (Goal 230#)...205#, 225#, 235#
Shoulder Press: (Goal 125#)...115#, 115#, 120#
Deadlift: (Goal 285#)...255#, 275#, 295#

*I did it! Even with two days to spare. That score was my goal for June, and I hit it in May. My next goal is to hit 700 by December. I need to catch up to my friend Scott who just scored a cool 725! Way to go Scott!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Workout 5/29: Nicole

Whew! It felt good to get out there and run again. After Monday's Trevor workout, my legs have barely felt like moving, but today I decided to get them going again to work out the last bit of soreness. It's interesting how running actually helps sore leg muscles. Loosening them up and stretching them out felt great. I was considering not doing anything this morning, but I am very glad to have done that. Otherwise I probably would have felt worse throughout the day.

Workoout: "Nicole"
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
400m Sprints
Max. Pull-ups (keep a count of # of pull-ups each round)
(6 Rounds + 400m; Pull-ups (3+6+5+5+7+6)=32 Total)

*I really got my hips involved in the pull-ups today. Kipping really does help get one up and over the bar, but there is technique and comfort that needs to be fostered. So today I began working that kip. I have a ways to go, but I think with more practice I will get there.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Eastside

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workout 5/28: Shoulder Presses

You can count on Trevor to fry your muscles. Every little muscle in my body is fatigued. Just ask my family as they have seen me hobble around the house and roll off the couch and bed. Every trip up and down the school stairs is a journey. And every sneeze or cough reminds me of what happens when you do sit-ups with Abmats. But even under these conditions, CrossFit whispers my name. And I'm crazy enough to answer those whispers. So this morning I attempted some weights with already-taxed muscles. Yes, the numbers seem lower than normal due to the status of my muscles, but sometimes we are in those situations.

Workout: Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3
110# (failed)
105# (*needed to scale back to boost my confidence)
110#*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Sunnyvale. The scenery looks beautiful over there. Check out their page and see what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workout 5/26: Trevor Win'E Memorial Day Challenge

Four teachers...two pull-up bars...a floor...four Abmats...three medicine balls. Throw all that together and you get a fantastic start to a Memorial Day tradition. "Team CF Teachers" started Memorial Day fun off with the Trevor Win' E Challenge. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to raise money for cooling vests for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the secondary goal of this challenge is to push yourself to the limits to see if you and your team can accomplish a daunting task.

Team CF Teachers were the guinea pigs of the challenge as we were the first up. And since one team could go at a time, everyone watched us. Ugh! But the good thing was that everyone watching was encouraging. I am so happy that this team pulled together and cheered each other on too. I wasn't sure how it would go since I was the only one who knew each individual, but everyone came together so nicely. WAY TO GO CHATTY, SCOTT, and TANYA!

Trevor Win'E Challenge:
For Time as a Team:
300 Pull-ups
400 Push-ups
500 Sit-ups
600 Squats
(Time: 43:11)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Caption Contest!!!

Everyone seems to like funny pictures. What makes some even more funny is that one can add some fun comments or words to it. So, try this one on for size. Please add captions to comments. This goes out to Katie on her birthday! Happy Birthday, and Happy Blogging!*Photo courtesy of Jerry's CrossFit Challenge

Workout 5/23: Hips on Fire + Sprints

Okay, "Hips on Fire" is not my wife's nickname for me, but I would accept it if she wanted to call me that. Nor is it the title of a dance seen on my favorite TV show "So You Think You Can Dance?" By the way, there are some truly "sick" dancers on that show. I never thought I'd appreciate dance, but "Wow!" is all I have to say. If you don't watch talent shows because you think they are lame and there really is NO talent behind them, watch this show. I can 98% guarantee you that you will appreciate the physical awesomeness of some of these dancers. Back to "Hips on Fire," it is a perfect title for what CrossFit made me feel this morning. Here it is...

Morning Workout: CrossFit WOD lovingly named "Hips on Fire"
5 Rounds for Time of:
15 Dumbbell Swings (35#)
15 GHD Sit-ups
15 Back Extensions
15 Knees to Elbows
(Time: 19:48)Afternoon Workout: Sprints
2x200m w/in 60 seconds each
3x400m w/in 90 seconds each
*If any sprint is + or - by more than 3 seconds, you foul! Each foul means 1 minute of max. burpees.
200m #1)0:47*F
200m #2)0:56*F
400m #1)1:29
400m #2)1:29
400m #3)1:29

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Workout 5/22: DL+HSPU and 5k

So far this week there are no red marks on my training calendar. That's a huge improvement from last week. I think I finally worked out all the kinks and realized how to work them around my schedule. And right now, my muscles notice the lack of missed workouts. And that's a good thing!

Morning Workout: Deadlifts and Handstand Push-ups
5 Rounds (rest in 3-5 minutes between rounds as needed in the style of "Lynne")
255# Deadlifts x 3
Max. HSPUs
*(HSPUs per round = 10, 9, 5, 5, 4)*Photo courtesy of Physical Subculture. Notice how the shoulders and hips rise at the same "pace" without rounding in the back. That's near-perfect form.

Afternoon Workout: 5k @ 90% 1 Mile TT
Goal Pace: 7:41/mile
Actual: 3.06 Miles in 24:30.40 (8:00/mile pace)
*Looks like I have some work to do. However, the fact that I actually got out there to run this 5k was an accomplishment in and of itself. I have four accountability partners to thank for that (you know who you are). I think my body is still getting acquainted with CFE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Workout 5/21: 1 Mile Time Trial

Not too long ago (well, about 10 years ago), I noticed a few things about myself. I was in my early 20s, I was trying to be active with youth through teaching and at church, but I could not keep up for very long. Fortunately, there were some other things going on. My wife was losing weight, she was getting active, and we had friends who were trying to encourage us to run a 5k. Well, 215 pounds did not fit me well, and it surely did not bode well with a running career. But our friends kept encouraging us to run the upcoming, non-competitive 5k with them. So I agreed to start training myself. I strapped on my shoes, pulled on shorts and a shirt, and hit the pavement. My goal: Make it around the block.

Um, yeah, that didn't go so well. I made it around, but not in championship fashion (picture Rocky in Philly). That was a sign to me...I need to train. Build up to it! It was in those building moments that I began to lose weight and make goals for myself. 5ks, 10ks, running into my 40s, dare I even say marathons.

Five years later, with some 5ks under my belt, I was curious to see how fast I could run a mile. I hadn't timed a mile since high school gym class where I tried to keep up with my buddy who was an in-shape tennis and soccer player. He was kind enough to pace slowly so that I could keep up with him until after the third lap. That's when he took off, and I just hoofed it around the track with whatever I had left in my tank. I vaguely remember that high school time being about 8 minutes, 30 seconds-ish. So how would I do now after having run for 5 years and run distances longer than 1 mile.

That went better than that first trip around the block. I never actually recorded my time but I remember it being about 7 minutes, 40 seconds-ish. Not bad! Not world-record time, but decent.

So that brings us to today. Under my belt are numerous 5ks, few 10ks, 2 half-marathons, 3 marathons, and now more than 1 year of CrossFit training. In fact, I have begun CrossFit Endurance training for those of you who read sporadically and haven't heard me mention it yet. CFE is a training system for individuals interested in "endurance" racing including marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons, etc. Part of CFE includes "time trials" which is an all out effort. As their webpage states, "There should be nothing entertaining or fun about it... Until it is over of course, and if you are PRing it!" Well, I am glad to say that this one was "entertaining" after I glanced at my watch when I was finished.

Workout: 1 Mile TT
Dynamic Stretches
1 Mile TT
(Time: 6:59.89)

*PR!!! 7 minute mark broken! 'Nough said!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Workout 5/20: Shoulders on Fire!

I had no idea what to call this workout since it's not one of the CrossFit Girls nor a CrossFit Hero. One thing it WAS was pure torture on the arms and shoulders. As one person posted on a chatboard, "It addressed everything I suck at." Okay, I don't suck at all of these things, but it did try me and push me. Anything that makes your arms shake uncontrollably at the end must be making you a little bit stronger. Also, this was supposed to be for time, but when you have to share a pull-up bar, time becomes impossible to get accurately. My arms appreciated the break though (thanks Tanya)! So here it is:

Workout: Shoulders on Fire!
For Time:
50 Push-ups
30 x 65# Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls
35 Dips
20 x 25# Weighted Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
(Time: N/A)*No, my weighted pull-ups were not this fun looking. In fact, some people were concerned for my family jewels when I did mine, but I finished unscathed. If you weigh 25 pounds, you can be my next partner...any takers? LOL! Maybe a weight vest or backpack is a better idea. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Portland.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Workout 5/19: Tabata Running

Track season is over! Time to start planning the new X-Country team! Does it ever stop? Nope. But now that track is over, I really have no excuse to not do my two-a-days that are planned. For some of you who are keeping me accountable, thanks! And for those of you questioning me, notice I deleted the 5k from Friday. I should have just sucked it up and got out there immediately after school let out, but I waited and procrastinated. I even changed at 4:00 PM, but my legs just would not move my butt out that door for 3 miles. So, this week's goal is to not miss any workouts. I will keep everyone of you accountability holders aware of my plan, so you have to hold me to it. I will try not to make your job hard by just doing it before you get on my back, 'cause I just can't handle the extra weight.

Workout: Tabata Running
Dynamic Stretches
Tabata Running (All out effort; :20 on, :10 off; 8 Rounds; 4:00 Total)

*Who knew 4:00 of work could be so hard. My lungs were/are burning! I am NOT looking forward to Tabata Treadmill Running! Here's just a peek of the fun to be had with that. A Video Clip of the Fun!

*Video courtesy of CrossFit Newport Beach

Friday, May 16, 2008

Workout 5/16: English Teacher Beating

Punishment paid! Katie designed a WOD titled "Beating of an English Teacher," and I deemed that it would be better titled "Massacre at Hancock High School." She advised that the workout would take 45 minutes. Unfortunately, I had to make a sub to her original workout, so 45 minutes would have been a dream time for me. I think I paid my dues though.

Morning Workout: "Massacre at Hancock High School"
For Time:
Run 800m
[25 Box Jumps, 25 Burpees, 25 Knees-to-Elbows, 25 DB Swings (35#)] x 2
Run 800m
(Time: 30:58)
*Her original workout called for 4 rounds with SlamBalls rather than Burpees, but I was not comfortable doing a new movement without coaching. So Burpees and K2Es killed my time. One day I'll do it as published. Maybe when I visit DC and go to CF Alexandria.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workout 5/15: 5k

Enduring endurance training is difficult. Who knew? So I think I need to work up to CFE sorta like adapting/modifying WODs from the CrossFit main page. Or maybe I am just making up excuses because I'm not in the mood. Today just happened to be a rough day. But as I told my students today if they didn't meet a project deadline--I don't want to hear/make excuses. So I will stop making excuses and plainly state what I did.

Run 5k
(Time: 24:20.64)

*Decent! Five seconds off my PR! And this wasn't an "all out" effort since I thought maybe I'd have time to do another 5k after 10 minutes of rest. But I think I'd rather go home and enjoy time with my lovely wife and kids. So, to the second half of my workout...I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Workout 5/14: Deadlifts + 1 Mile TT + 400m Sprints

This is my first two-a-day. I am glad that it worked out the way it did with heavy lifting in the morning and distance in the afternoon. If I had to do Fran on top of distance, I think I'd keel over and die. Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon though 'cause I'm sure that sort of a workout is just around the corner.

Morning: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
*275# is a PR for me. YEAH! Before long I'll be DLing 300#...whew!*Had to work that posterior chain today! Deadlifts keep me upright (dare I say erect) while running.

Afternoon: Did I say I was going to do my first two-a-day workout for CF Endurance? Really? I did? Well, someone got to thinkin' and self-image won him over. I didn't really want to go to a meeting one hour after working out without taking a shower. Who wants to stink among their peers? So, this yahoo decided to skip his afternoon workout. So, I'll make it up by doing "The Beating of an English Teacher" as designed by Katie. However, I still don't know what that is, so until she tells me what the workout entails, I'm off the hook! Tomorrow is a doozy anyway, so I think my skip is called for. I'll make it up on Friday.

Workout 5/13: 200m+400m Sprints

Okay y'all! No, I'm not from Texas, but I will be visiting TX over the summer, so I figured I should start preparing myself now. I'll be spending a week down there in the Dallas area for a conference (I know you are all jealous). This means I might get a chance to visit some of the CrossFit affiliates in that area, some of which I have heard wonderful things about (i.e., GSX Athletics and CrossFit Plano). So, I'll be counting down the days until then...life is jam-packet before then anyway, so it'll probably sneak up on me.

So as advertised, I have started CrossFit Endurance training. Thanks to individuals in the CF community who are also triathletes, marathoners, and ultra-marathoners, I now have a resource to go to in order to receive free training calendars that incorporate the CrossFit method. This has sparked new interest in my training, and I hope to see some cool 5k and urbanathlon results due to this new training. Fortunately, I have a long way to go which makes it much more exciting.

CrossFit Endurance:
1 Mile Warm-up Run
Dynamic Movement Stretches
4 x 200m Sprints (:90 rest between each rep)
2 x 400m Runs (2:00 rest between each rep)
Cool Down and Stretch

*As you will see in the near future, CrossFit Endurance usually calls for a morning and an afternoon workout. For my schedule, I will be doing a WOD on Mondays, a CFE workout on Tuesday afternoon, and two-a-days on the other days of the week. Sundays will always be rest days, and I will have another rest day during the week. So, that's how it is.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Eastside

Monday, May 12, 2008

Workout 5/12: Fran

Too weak and shaky to write more than this!

Dynamic Warm-up
21-15-9 rep sets of:
60# DB Thrusters (30# each arm)
(Time: N/A)


Workout 5/10: 5k

So today I started my CrossFit Endurance Training. I was supposed to do a time trial, but I forgot to start my watch. So, I ran 5k and will use my old PR for a starting point (5k PR = 24:15; 7:49/mile Pace). We'll see how things go. I think things can only improve if I stay true to training. 3-2-1...GO!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recovery Fun

I'm nearing a return to a CF/Running schedule after a bout with the flu. So in the meantime, I have been reading up on track and field goings-on. I've determined that I wouldn't mind being one of these dudes when I'm their age.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Least Favorite Recipe

Combine all ingredients in your body at the same time:
1) 102.2 body temperature
2) A case of "double dragon"--fierce out both ends
3) Every aching muscle in your body as if you've just completed all the "girls" of CrossFit at in one single workout.
Shake well while your body temperature spikes;
Then crash continuously onto your bed.
*If you've gotten everything perfect, you will have a wonderful weekend as I did recovering from the flu.

It amazes me every time I get the flu how hard it hits. It hits like a train, and it leaves you pulverized in bed and occasionally on the cold tiles of your bathroom floor. So, my last post left off on the excited note that I would run my first 5k of the season and begin doing CrossFit Endurance training. But if you've recently had the flu, you'd know how stupid that would be if you wake up the morning of that 5k hugging the cool porcelain throne. So, I'm playing the waiting game now until my body has fully recovered. Hopefully I can get out there this upcoming Saturday to run a pseudo-5k course to get a time trial in. *Wishing I was the person on the left, not the person on the right.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Workout 5/2: Suck and Blow II

I am pretty excited that tomorrow marks the beginning of the running season for me. The past few years have focused on marathons and half-marathons, and the training is intense and takes all summer long. This year, my big race is the Men's Health Urbanathlon. Sure, it's 12 miles long, but it has an obstacle course feel to it as well. Climbing walls, jumping over taxis, crawling through culverts. So it should be fun. My other focus is the 5k distance. After running marathons, I have decided that the most intense race distances are the 5k and 10k. For a marathoner, 5k (3.1 miles) seem like a sprint, but there is so much strategy behind running it well and to the best of your ability. Intensity is key! So, tomorrow is the first of a few 5k races that I plan on running this year. I need to get a training schedule put down on paper so I can hold myself accountable. To all runners, cheers to a new season! To CrossFitters, cheers to a combination of running and CrossFit (which is what I plan on doing for my training schedule; CrossFit Endurance Rocks)!

1-mile run
Dynamic Stretch Routine
"Suck and Blow II"
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
25# (each arm) Dumbbell Thrusters x 10
Pull-ups x 10
(Exactly 6 Rounds)

*I had 6 seconds to fit in my last pull-up; I hung there for about 3 and it took me about 3 to get my chin over the bar. My pull-ups have really fallen by the wayside. Reason #1: Stupid extra poundage. Reason #2: Lax training. Reason #3: Stupid extra poundage.
*Urbanathlon Hit Chicago Streets

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ah, Sportsmanship...A Breath of Fresh Air

After being involved in sports for one season, I have seen the good and the bad when it comes to sportsmanship. Track and Field is not necessarily unique, but I felt a higher level of good sportsmanship in this sport that I did not expect. I have seen coaches and athletes help each other understand the sport and the techniques of the sport on many occasions. My shot-putter owes his success to a coach at Northside College Prep. Athletes have made successful baton exchanges because of a helpful reminder from judges. And last-place runners cross the finish line with vigor when they hear their "teammates" from across the city cheering and clapping for their efforts. Now, of course, there are the bad sportsmanship moments, but why should we dwell on those? I encourage everyone to read the story below to remind them the attitude we should have towards others in life, not just in sports.

Helping Out a Home-Run Hitter

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Workout 4/30: 400m Sprints

Today is the Chicago Public School's City Track and Field Championships. I have eight athletes prepared to give their best efforts of the season. We have witnessed an awesome year and met nearly all of our goals. Complete season, broken school records, personal records! So, in honor of them, I decided to kick myself in the rear and run some 400m sprints. And when you see my times, you will understand, as I did, that my students accomplished a lot more than I did this season. They are awesome! That's why they are out there on the track and I am not. You can find me in the stands cheering them on, and out on the track by my lonesome where no one else can witness my slow butt. But if they can be consistent at practice and push themselves on the race track, I can push myself to physical betterment.

Check out their season at Hancock Eagles Track and X-Country

1 mile warm-up
Dynamic Stretching routine
5x400m (1:25; 1:32; 1:37; 1:35; 1:30)
Cool-down*Jeremy Wariner's a 400m king! I am so ready for the Olympics to see how he and our other athletes do! I have great respect for their accomplishments because it goes so far beyond most of our abilities.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Workout 4/28: 2-Miles + Deadlifts

It's time to get back into running, so that means figuring out how to combine CrossFit and 5k Training for the best potential performance. As you will read in a minute, I went out for a run and noticed something really sad...I'm out of shape. When I say out of shape, I mean getting wide around the middle. Most of my issues stem from what I eat and how much I eat. I have little or no self-control when it comes to anything remotely sweet. Cookies...I'm like the Cookie Monster. Ice Cream...who knows why I don't have a constant cold headache. Gummy Candy...some say "you are what you eat," and I am becoming gummy in every way. So I think best potential performance is going to come with some learned self-control when it comes to eating. I say this again because I need your accountability. Unfortunately, face-to-face accountability is always better, but you will be the next line of accountability.

Run: 2 Miles (untimed)
CrossFit: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3

*I could feel the strain of those deadlifts in my left hamstring right away. I pushed through it, but I think I will be feeling it hardcore for the next few days. I going to heavily rely on stretching throughout the day today, and we'll see what comes of it. BEST OF LUCK TO MY TRACK KIDS THIS WEEK! IT'S CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Workout 4/23: Back Squats

Run 1 mile
Back Squat Warm-up (10x45#; 7x95#)
Back Squats for Max Weight @ 5 reps
No. 1-5x145#
No. 2-5x165#
No. 3-5x185#
No. 4-5x195#
No. 5-5x200#

*Okay, I hate having a Smith machine as my only squat rack because I'm not totally positive I could have done that without the extra support. But hey, I must make due with what I have available to me.*Instructional drawing courtesy of CrossFit Ireland.

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Workout 4/22: Shoulder Press

CrossFit: Shoulder Press for Max Weight
Reps and Rounds: 3-3-3-3-3
Results: 65#, 95#, 115#, 120#(f), 120#(f)

I hate posting failures, but I can tell that my shoulders not quite what it used to be. Ever since tweeking it on muscle-up training, it has not hesitated to remind me that it doesn't like heavy loads. It needs to be worked out nonetheless.*Here's a 90# Shoulder Press taken at the CrossFit Games 2007. Photo courtesy of Peninsula CrossFit. There's another goal for the next couple years; participate in a CrossFit Games.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Workout 4/19: Springtime Running

Ah! Finally! It's time to get back into the good ol' Saturday running routine. For those of you who recently started reading my blog, I love April to October because it means the routine of Saturday runs returns. Each Saturday, I get up and out with a friend of mine to run and talk, talk and run. Yes, some of you would scoff at that, but it's a perfect time for me to reflect on my week and or on important issues all while running. Running has a way of reminding me many things. It reminds me that I still have some pounds to shed. It reminds me how thankful I ought to be for the ability to run. It reminds me how beautiful nature is in the warmer months. And it reminds me how important it is to bounce ideas off another person. So even if running "sucks" in your opinion, try waking yourself up early next Saturday (maybe even before the sun rises), throw on your running shoes (and clothes, I guess), and run (preferably with someone else). You may just find a perfect Saturday morning routine.

Run: 3 Miles (Time: N/A)*No, Lance and Matt are not my Saturday running partners!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Workout 4/18: Elizabeth

CrossFit: "Elizabeth"
21-15-9 Rep Rounds of:
Squat Cleans @ 65#
Ring Dips
(Time: 13:51)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Workout 4/17: Nancy

CrossFit: "Nancy"
Five Rounds for Time of:
400m Runs
65# Overhead Squats x 15
(Time: 21:28)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Workout 4/16: Quarter Gone Bad

Hi all! Okay, so I've been busy, but the least I can do it post my numbers. Hope everyone is enjoying the return of spring. I know I am! Today's wisdom: Find joy in what you do for a living. Try to spend one day without complaining about your work. It may be hard sometimes, I know. But at the end of the day, you may actually feel good about your lot in life.

2 Mile Run +
CrossFit: Quarter Gone Bad-Modified
5 Rounds of:
15 seconds-95# Thrusters
45 seconds-Rest
15 seconds-15# Weighted Pull-ups
45 seconds-Rest
15 seconds-Burpees
45 seconds-Rest
*Count your reps for each 15 second unit.
(Rd. 1: 6-5-5; Rd. 2: 6-4-5; Rd. 3: 5-4-5; Rd. 4: 3-3-5; Rd. 5: 4-3-5)

So, you don't think 15 seconds of work does anything to you? Then you may not be trying hard enough. GO OUT AND GO HARD!*Jerry, nice sticker proposal! Photo courtesy of CrossFit Old Town.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Workout 4/9: Kelly

"From Now Until June"
A 6-syllable, 6-line poem by Mr. Mirek

Round around the middle!
Sweat begins to dribble...
Challenges are called for;
Maybe I can lose more.
Ten pounds less would be great.
This roundness will deflate.

CrossFit: "Kelly"
3 Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
30 Bench Jumps
30 Wall Ball Shots (15# Medicine Ball)
(Time: 18:48.13)Happy National Poetry Month everyone! I challenge you all to write a CrossFit or Fitness inspired poem today. Feel free to add it to my comments! I'd love to hear what you all have to say.

Workout 4/8: Max Effort w/ Track Team

As a coach, one gets to make the calls and demand excellence in effort. Yes, the coach is often hated and glared at during the workouts, but when times continue to drop and records continue to be broken, athletes realize that there is a pay-off for that hard work. A friend of mine gave me that encouragement the other day, so I decided to demand maximum effort from my athletes today, and in return I received a challenge. "C'mon Mr. Mirek, let's see you do this!" And me being who I am could not let them down. I had to meet their challenge to show them that it was doable. I also wanted to model what I demand from them. So, with eyes closed and near passing out a few times, I joined them and drove through the whole workout. Here it is...

CrossFit Kids: Max. Efforts
3 Rounds of
25 Tuck Jumps
Max. Push-ups in 1:00
Max. Sit-ups in 1:00
Max. Squats in 1:00

Rd. 1-46PU+34SU+67SQ = 147 Reps
Rd. 2-33PU+21SU+51SQ = 105 Reps
Rd. 3-24PU+22SU+54SQ = 100 Reps
TOTAL = 352 REPS*Max Effort...Grin and bear it! Photo courtesy of CrossFit Flagstaff.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Workout 4/7: Pull-ups on the Minute

Post #200...have I really bored you for that long? Ha! Actually I thank many of you for your continued reading even when you can get so much of the information from other places. But I look at it this way, you are sharing in my pain. Yes, sometimes the pain is unbearable, but most of the time the pain is fought through. So, here's my battle cry for us...LET'S GO! Endure! Let's walk through the "ring of fire" together.

CrossFit: Pull-ups on the Minute
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.
(7 Rounds + 6 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+6 = 34 Pull-ups)
Stagnant! Boo Hoo! I can feel a "ring of fire" called eating with self-control coming on.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Eastside. Hold each other up!
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Workout 4/4: Gwen

CrossFit: "Gwen"
15, 12, 9 Rep Sets of:
95# Clean and Jerks
No broken sets allowed, so once you commit, you must complete...touch and go! Rest between sets as needed.

Ah! That felt good! Intense! Hard! Accomplished! I'm back! Three days in a row!*I wasn't this intense, not was I lifting this much weight. I can't wait for the Olympics! I have a whole new appreciation for weightlifting!

Workout 4/3: 800s and the Core

I decided to run with the kiddos today. That's a great, rewarding experience. If you ever get that chance to create relationships with students and exercise with them, enjoy the ride. Volunteer with teens, coach a sport, create a club. I learned this joy through Team M3 last summer, and now I have the opportunity to see athletes improve themselves with each practice and each meet. Sure, we won't be state champions this year, but we are breaking old records left and right (Check us out!). The joy in their faces makes it all worth the time and effort. So to all my readers, find some kids to work with...you will come away with a treasure that will not fade.

Workout: 800s and the Core (combo of some CrossFit)
5 Rounds of:
10 Sit-ups
10 Supermans
10 Leg Raises

3 Rounds of:
800m Runs @ 70-80% Effort*The joys of seeing amazing accomplishments!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Workout 4/2: Fran

YES! A major weight has been lifted off my shoulders; my portfolio is done and handed in. So now it's time to add on some weight...not fat, but onto the bar. Time to get back into CrossFit and running. Everyone around me has started to jump back into action, and I have been sitting behind a computer putting together major projects. And my body is showing it. So, back to action!

CrossFit: "Fran"
21-15-9 Rep rounds for time of:
65# Thrusters
(Time: 10:54.64)
*Yes, it is a PR, but I'm not counting it because I couldn't do all of the pull-ups without assistance. I had to move about 10 pull-ups to jumping pull-ups. So...good job, but I have a ways to go.*Now that's my idea of babysitting. Photo courtesy of Rainier CrossFit.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Workout 3/28: Helen

Portfolios, Portfolios, PORTFOLIOS! Teachers, don't you just love them?!? Why do I hear crickets in the background? It's amazing how portfolios have invaded the education field at all levels. From elementary schools to graduate schools; from art classes to P.E. classes (Okay, maybe not that far, but I wouldn't be surprised). I only bring this up because that is what I will be working on for the next three days. I have a portfolio due on Monday for grad school, and it's a bear! Trying to pull artifacts up from three years ago and reflecting on what you learned from them and how they meet various standards is not easy, but it is necessary. So, what else is there to do than tackle it with all my might and GIT 'ER DONE!

CrossFit: "Helen"
Three Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
40# DB Swings x 21
12 Pull-ups
(Time: 17:21)
*That's right! GIT 'ER DONE! What a great attitude to have in all areas of life! Okay, so that was nearly a minute off my fastest time for "Helen," but it is what it is. There's always next time! You hear that Helen...there's always next time!*Have you sipped the Kool-Aid yet? Read this article from the New York Times (God's Workout). So CrossFit is a cult? Who ever knew? Actually, read the whole article, it's quite interesting, and may jest at a few things. Of course, get the other side of the argument here at this CrossFit Watertown response.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Workout 3/26: Barb

Again, it's great to be back from Spring Break and on the downswing of the year. And just when it feels like I can start taking it easy, I remember that we all need the attitude of doing things with our best efforts. Teaching needs to be 100%. Grad school needs to end on a high note. CrossFit and running need full efforts for improvements. And I cannot give up on my spiritual growth. So to all of you out there who are feeling a bit hung-over from Spring Break or relieved that warmer months are coming, just remember that there needs to be "purpose in every step" we take. No step in life should be taken on the whim. Visualize your next step and...GO!

CrossFit: "Barb" (shortened "Barbara")
Three Rounds for Time:
10 Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
40 Squats
(Time: 15:44)
*I'm still in the midst of a light week back to CrossFit. Spring Break was a recovery break, and my muscles and joints are feeling a lot better, but I just need to remember to stay on top of proper warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretching.*Good question...What would Henry Rollins do? Well, I think he'd give everything his 100% effort! 3,2,1...GO!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Workout 3/24: Just a Warm-up

Break is over! I am healed! 12 weeks of school remain! The weather is getting warmer! Time to get my beach body...HA! Getting back into the swing of things will be interesting, so I am going to focus on being properly stretched out and warmed up before workouts so I do not fall into the trap of being injured again. Here we go!

Workout: CF Warm-up x 2
30 sec. Samson Stretch
Overhead Squat with light bar x 15
Sit-ups x 15
Back Extensions x 15
Pull-ups x 15
Dips x 15*Overhead Squat photo courtesy of CrossFit Oakland

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hearing Voices!

There's a soft whimper in the air this morning as I realize I must take a break from CrossFit and running. I must listen to my body, and it is telling me that it will hurt me more if I don't give it a break. The major limbs on the right side of my body are grumpy. Right arm crook of elbow says, "I will not allow you to lift anything ever again if you continue to beat me while I am down." Right leg calf muscle says, "Your track athletes are young and supple; they can bounce back quickly. You are getting old; you cannot race them like that. Please don't try to prove yourself to them; make them prove their speed to you. Be a coach, not their competition." Okay! Fine! I get the picture. I'll give you guys a break. But there is an awkward silence from one part of my body. Midsection, do you have anything to chime in? NO?!?! Okay then, maybe I have found a part of my body that could use some working out. Spring Break will be known as "Limb Break." But my "core" pays.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Rockford. Time to plan a trip.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Workout 3/12: Tommy V

Another "Hero" workout. Another chance to focus on persecution and martyrdom. Haresh Kujur is on my mind today as he was recently kidnapped while leading a youth church service in India. I am blessed to live in a country where I do not have to live with the fear of being taken from my house or my church based on my beliefs and values. So whatever you believe today, if you are living in a country with religious freedom, be extremely thankful and keep those who risk their lives for their beliefs in your prayers and thoughts.

CrossFit: Tommy V
For Time:
85# Thrusters x 15
120 Towel Pull-ups
85# Thrusters x 12
60 Towel Pull-ups
85# Thrusters x 9
30 Towel Pull-ups
(Time: 20:05)

*I...can't...write...or...think...straight...after...that...one! It is now about three hours after doing this workout, and I am finally feeling like I am back to normal. For about an hour after this one, I felt like I was going to faint, puke, and have my arms hanging like dead fish from my sockets for a year. I knew I was in bad shape from the start when the crook of my right elbow was in serious pain-ola. Now that I have injested lots of water, eaten fruit, and been infused with ibuprofin, I have reached a state of near normalcy. Time to make a decision though, should I take a break from CF during Spring Break or continue on in this madness. Maybe I should listen to the crook of my elbow more often. "What's that you say? Do more with the legs over the next few weeks? Okay, I'll think about it."*Photo courtesy of BeastSkills.com

Monday, March 10, 2008

Workout 3/10: 5k

One week 'til Spring Break! Yes! No, I'm not a crazy college kid who's idea of a good time is to go get hammered on a beach somewhere warm. No, I'm not planning any interesting travel. I'm just excited to have some time to decompress and chill with my homies (wife, children, parents, friends).

Here's a little update on events I plan to participate in this year. I'm nixing the Lake Geneva Marathon. I could probably run it successfully, but it is Mother's Day weekend...time to honor the mother of my wonderful children. A couple additions include the JPMorganChase Corporate Challenge and the Trevor A. Win'E Memorial Day Challenge. Both of these will be a challenge! So I need to continue being diligent with my training.

Workout: Run 5K for Time
(Time: 23:58, Pace: 7:42/mile)
*Whoa, ho, ho! Bested my previous time by 40 seconds. Okay, I'm ready to rock a real 5K race!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Workout 3/7: The Turdy Thrity(Five)

Do you ever wonder what you'll be like when you grow old? Some of you may already "feel" old, but that's not what I am talking about. If you are blessed to live over 75 and reach a ripe old age in your 80s, 90, or even your 100s, what might you do with your life? Or what might life do to you? A friend of mine just e-mailed me an interesting story that made me reflect on that. Of course when I reach the age of 101, like this man, I don't want to be just like him. In fact, I hope my life reflects mostly my purpose in every step with My God, but I wonder if I will also be able to accomplish this feat. Read about Buster Martin here.

CrossFit: The Turdy Thirty(Five)
For Time:
35 Bench Jumps
35 Jumping Pull-ups
35 Dumbbell Swings @ 35#
35 Walking Lunge Steps
35 Sit-ups
35 Push Presses @ 45#
35 Back Extensions
35 Wall Ball Shots @ 14#
35 Burpees
35 Standard Jump Rope Jumps
(Time: 24:43)
*WOOHOO! A four minute improvement! Burpees floor me...literally!
*Here's the man...Buster Martin!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Workout 3/5: Linda

I'm amazed at times that we are able to function through days that seem endless and tasks that seem impossible. Many of us are faced with responsibilities that appear to be major obstacles, but if we are diligent and resilient, we always overcome them. Yes, there are times when we need companions to push us over or super-natural strength to overcome. But there is always a way to accomplish what is set in front of us. Our stomachs may churn, our wills might falter, our muscles will fatigue, our minds will doubt, but there is a strength that overcomes all of that...we just have to find it and trust in it.

CrossFit: Linda
Rep Sets of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
185# Deadlifts
135# Bench Presses
95# Cleans
(Time: 33:27)
*Yep, by the last three sets, I wasn't sure if I could make it, but there was a strength to tap into. Sure, I almost lost my breakfast, but I held it down and pushed through. Completing this workout is worthy of the sticker below.Sticker can be found at CrossFitStickers.com

Workout 3/2: Jog of Happiness

It's my wife's birthday! It's starting to feel like we are really starting to grow old together, but the great things is that we are still growing closer. The fun never ends! It was a joy to go out for a run together. It's amazing to know that we have come this far.* Okay, that's not us, but that's what it felt like to run with her even though it was only about 40-degrees outside and windy. You get the picture!