Monday, July 21, 2008

Workout 7/9: Thurston Jogger Series 5k in Dallas

I know, I know. I have disappointed you all with my lack of consistency again. The summer time is a difficult time to add things to my blog. But so much for excuses.

I have done many workouts over the past weeks, but I cannot recall them all right now. Rather, I will just post this.

I ran my second 5k of the summer in HOT Dallas. 98 degrees, a touch of humidity, and an evening race after a day of work. All of these factors added up to a not so superb time in this 5k. However, I did get out there and try. It was a fun race. You could tell it was a hometown race that mostly locals ran. And the local yokles are adapted to the heat. So this northern bred boy showed his weakness.

Time: 26:06

*Not good! But hey, at least I can make excuses.

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