Sunday, July 6, 2008

Workout 7/5: Negative Split 10k

Many of you have noticed that I have taken a siesta on the blogging, but I have continued to track my CrossFitting and everything else. It's amazing how the summer months can consume you completely. Family time, relaxing, teaching (nothing stressful of course), and the heat of summer. Good times! So in an effort to catch up, I'm just going to post the bare essentials, and then maybe I can get back on track this week. I'm currently in Dallas for a teacher conference, so we'll see what fun comes up. Hopefully I'll get to tour a few of the lovely CF Affiliates here in the Land of the Longhorns.

Yesterday's Workout: Negative Split 10k
Run the first 5k at 80-90% effort; the second 5k should be faster and quicker than the first 5k.
5k #1: 27:22
5k #2: 26:10
Total: 53:32.83

Whew! That was fun on a hot day!

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