Monday, April 21, 2008

Workout 4/19: Springtime Running

Ah! Finally! It's time to get back into the good ol' Saturday running routine. For those of you who recently started reading my blog, I love April to October because it means the routine of Saturday runs returns. Each Saturday, I get up and out with a friend of mine to run and talk, talk and run. Yes, some of you would scoff at that, but it's a perfect time for me to reflect on my week and or on important issues all while running. Running has a way of reminding me many things. It reminds me that I still have some pounds to shed. It reminds me how thankful I ought to be for the ability to run. It reminds me how beautiful nature is in the warmer months. And it reminds me how important it is to bounce ideas off another person. So even if running "sucks" in your opinion, try waking yourself up early next Saturday (maybe even before the sun rises), throw on your running shoes (and clothes, I guess), and run (preferably with someone else). You may just find a perfect Saturday morning routine.

Run: 3 Miles (Time: N/A)*No, Lance and Matt are not my Saturday running partners!

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Katie said...

Damnit! And I was just getting ready to tell you I'd come run with you if those were your running partners... ;)