Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Workout 4/8: Max Effort w/ Track Team

As a coach, one gets to make the calls and demand excellence in effort. Yes, the coach is often hated and glared at during the workouts, but when times continue to drop and records continue to be broken, athletes realize that there is a pay-off for that hard work. A friend of mine gave me that encouragement the other day, so I decided to demand maximum effort from my athletes today, and in return I received a challenge. "C'mon Mr. Mirek, let's see you do this!" And me being who I am could not let them down. I had to meet their challenge to show them that it was doable. I also wanted to model what I demand from them. So, with eyes closed and near passing out a few times, I joined them and drove through the whole workout. Here it is...

CrossFit Kids: Max. Efforts
3 Rounds of
25 Tuck Jumps
Max. Push-ups in 1:00
Max. Sit-ups in 1:00
Max. Squats in 1:00

Rd. 1-46PU+34SU+67SQ = 147 Reps
Rd. 2-33PU+21SU+51SQ = 105 Reps
Rd. 3-24PU+22SU+54SQ = 100 Reps
TOTAL = 352 REPS*Max Effort...Grin and bear it! Photo courtesy of CrossFit Flagstaff.

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