Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Workout 4/16: Quarter Gone Bad

Hi all! Okay, so I've been busy, but the least I can do it post my numbers. Hope everyone is enjoying the return of spring. I know I am! Today's wisdom: Find joy in what you do for a living. Try to spend one day without complaining about your work. It may be hard sometimes, I know. But at the end of the day, you may actually feel good about your lot in life.

2 Mile Run +
CrossFit: Quarter Gone Bad-Modified
5 Rounds of:
15 seconds-95# Thrusters
45 seconds-Rest
15 seconds-15# Weighted Pull-ups
45 seconds-Rest
15 seconds-Burpees
45 seconds-Rest
*Count your reps for each 15 second unit.
(Rd. 1: 6-5-5; Rd. 2: 6-4-5; Rd. 3: 5-4-5; Rd. 4: 3-3-5; Rd. 5: 4-3-5)

So, you don't think 15 seconds of work does anything to you? Then you may not be trying hard enough. GO OUT AND GO HARD!*Jerry, nice sticker proposal! Photo courtesy of CrossFit Old Town.

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Katie said...

If you're super nice to me, maybe I can even score you a rest later t-shirt or hoodie. ;) As it so happens, I happen to know that Jerry guy. ;)

Hope you had a chance to check out the blog lately... we're now up to the top 28 ways you know you are legit CrossFit.... ;)