Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Workout 4/30: 400m Sprints

Today is the Chicago Public School's City Track and Field Championships. I have eight athletes prepared to give their best efforts of the season. We have witnessed an awesome year and met nearly all of our goals. Complete season, broken school records, personal records! So, in honor of them, I decided to kick myself in the rear and run some 400m sprints. And when you see my times, you will understand, as I did, that my students accomplished a lot more than I did this season. They are awesome! That's why they are out there on the track and I am not. You can find me in the stands cheering them on, and out on the track by my lonesome where no one else can witness my slow butt. But if they can be consistent at practice and push themselves on the race track, I can push myself to physical betterment.

Check out their season at Hancock Eagles Track and X-Country

1 mile warm-up
Dynamic Stretching routine
5x400m (1:25; 1:32; 1:37; 1:35; 1:30)
Cool-down*Jeremy Wariner's a 400m king! I am so ready for the Olympics to see how he and our other athletes do! I have great respect for their accomplishments because it goes so far beyond most of our abilities.

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