Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Workout 4/23: Back Squats

Run 1 mile
Back Squat Warm-up (10x45#; 7x95#)
Back Squats for Max Weight @ 5 reps
No. 1-5x145#
No. 2-5x165#
No. 3-5x185#
No. 4-5x195#
No. 5-5x200#

*Okay, I hate having a Smith machine as my only squat rack because I'm not totally positive I could have done that without the extra support. But hey, I must make due with what I have available to me.*Instructional drawing courtesy of CrossFit Ireland.

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Katie said...

I'm still waiting for an invitation to a Saturday run with Lance and Matt. When I get my invite you'll get your hoodie.

I love the good bad drawings. Reminds me of some *ehem* anatomically correct stick figures we used to draw back in the day... ;)

Brad said...

Nice progression on the squats!