Monday, June 9, 2008

Workout 6/9: Burpees and Pull-ups

Today is the last day of my grad school experience. Thank the Lord for that because I don't think I could take much more of it. Today's workout sort of resembled the ups and downs and struggles of the past three years. Sometimes I felt like stopping, other times I felt like I was pulling so hard and accomplishing little. But I drove through it and am now at the end.

Workout: Burpees and Pull-ups
5 Rounds for Time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups
(Time: 21:20)

Ouch!*No Excuses! If you don't have the money for weights, just find a friend! Photo courtesy of CrossFit San Diego.


Feng said...


I chanced upon your blog when I was googling "CrossFit Endurance and triathlons". I'm a CrossFitter myself and it has been a dream of mine to complete an Ironman someday - and hopefully, a half-Ironman by the time I finish college next year. I read some of your older posts and observed that you do the CrossFit Endurance WOD on top of a CrossFit WOD. How is this working out for you so far? What are some of your goals with regards to endurance events?

I'd definitely love to pursue my goal of the half-IM/IM races using the CrossFit methodology, which relies more on intensity and quality workouts than the traditional training programs which are heavy on mileage and take up plenty of time and cause a great toll on the body. I really enjoy CrossFit and my first priority is definitely to boast "broad, inclusive, general fitness", but I'd love to push my limits by competing in endurance events too.

Good luck with your training!


Mr. Mirek said...

Thank you for commenting and questioning Feng. I'll do my best to answer your questions. First off, let me just say I admire your goals. I have run three marathons, and I have often wondered if I had it in me to do a triathlon some day. Swimming usually makes me think twice, but a few people have been threatening to throw me in a pool someday, so I should probably brace myself for it.

About CF noticed I do CFE WODs on top of CF WODs. Well, if you check out, you'll notice that it's how they have it set up. In triathlon training, there are dual workouts, and so I have tried to incorporate that into my schedule. Now you will notice that I am not super strict about staying on either training schedule. This is due to my busy busy schedule, but I do what I can. Being a family man, I have been trying to find a program that allows me to train without so much time involvement. CFE has provided that. And I must say, it's so far so good. I have to dial in my diet, but the training has made me a stronger and faster runner.

As far as goals are concerned, I am taking a year off of intense endurance events (the Urbanathlon in Chicago being my longest race). My focus is on 5ks this year and trying to get my times down in that event. Eventually I will return to marathoning and may even attempt a triathlon someday. I have challenged a co-worker of mine saying if she can break 4:00 in a marathon, then I will run another marathon using only the CFE methods. My goal then will also be to break 4:00, with the hopes that training will drive my time lower than that.

Thanks again for sharing, and I am looking forward to watching and hearing about your successes too.


Feng said...

Hi again,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such a detailed response! I really appreciate it. Thank you also for your encouraging words. I myself am not a big fan of open-water swimming -- I'm pretty comfortable in pools but the thought of being alone in a vast ocean just creeps me out. Haha. One of my fears to overcome!

3 marathons under your belt... wow that's pretty cool! I did the Chicago Marathon back in 2006 (quite some time before I discovered CrossFit), but I was pretty much an endurance noob back then and got by with a couple long runs on the weekends and 5-6 milers on weekdays (as you can tell, not exactly an ideal training program). Right before the race I tore a calf muscle but dosed up on ibuprofen and ran anyway, and finished it in 3:59:15.

After that I kind of fell off the wagon while I let my injury recover, and only really got back on track and back into serious training when I discovered CrossFit about seven months later. I hope my next foray into endurance events will be less misguided and hopefully the CF protocol will help me to avoid injury while maximizing results.

CrossFit/CFE does seem like an excellent fit for you, given your busy schedule. That's probably one of the things I like most about CrossFit. Good luck with the 5ks - in my opinion, they're as challenging as the longer-distance events, just in a different way. But I daresay CF will definitely prepare you well for such races.

Keep up the great blogging and do also let me know how everything turns out for you!

God bless,