Friday, June 6, 2008

Workout 6/6: Hanging Power Snatch

Workout: Hanging Power Snatches

*All of that repetition of weights was an attempt to have perfect form rather than just muscling up the weight. Every time I was able to get the weight over my head, but I was often pressing the weight at the end in order to lock out. Also, I was trying to get my hips involved as much as possible, but it took a lot of concentration. I am sure I could get heavier weights above my head, but I want to get comfortable with the movement first.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Oakland

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Brad said...

I ended up with 100 lbs. This was tough. I find that using heavy (note - your light is my heavy!) forces me to use good form. I really love these moves. My cleans improved as a direct result of doing the snatches - all neuro...

Do you enjoy these as much as I do?