Monday, September 15, 2008

Workout 9/15: 200m Sprints and The Chief

Okay, my act is pulling together here as I have mentioned last post. So, here's the plan; I have the Urbanathlon coming up soon, so it's time to get serious. The plan includes CF and CFEndurance. And today I will attempt to do a duel workout.

Morning Workout: 6x200m Sprints @ 90%
(On Treadmill)
1) 8.6 mph
2) 8.8 mph
3) 9.0 mph
4) 9.2 mph
5) 9.4 mph
6) 10.0 mph
*It was hard to gauge 90% effort since I was not running on solid ground. So I just picked a starting point and ratcheted it up. That last one was approaching difficulty, but I bet I could start faster next time.

Afternoon Workout: "The Chief"
Max Sets in 3:00 of...
75# Power Cleans x 3
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
x 5 Rounds
(Rd. 1: 4 Sets; Rd. 2: 3+; Rd. 3: 3+; Rd. 4: 3+; Rd. 5: 3)
*I did it!
I found a spring goal. I'll be looking for a team soon! Any takers?


Feng said...

Good luck for the Urbanathlon! How is everything going? Hope training is going well.


Mr. Mirek said...

All is good! Trying to get back into the swing of things, but I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks for your best wishes...

Brad said...

Welcome back!