Thursday, September 18, 2008

Workout 9/18: Treadmill Tabata + Grace

Failure is not an option! That's what I keep telling my students. There is no way in the world I will let my students fail my class. And although I can't control their other classes, I challenged them all with the goal of "Not 1 F" the whole year. Well, I think I need to apply this to myself too. Failure is not an option, and God is my teacher. Once we are adopted into His family, we are not allowed to fail. He is a "warm demander" and an example of what we need to be as parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. So with that idea in mind, I figured I should apply it to my workouts too. Reflecting on the title of this blog tells me this should be how it is in every aspect of one's life. Failure is not an option!

Morning Workout: Treadmill Tabata
20 seconds on/10 seconds off
12% Grade Incline
8:19/mile pace
x 8
*Whew! Failure is not an option. I got through 6 and had to take a break, but I got myself back on to finish the last 2 sets. I'm sure someone at the gym looked at me and said silently, "That doesn't look so hard. You call that a workout?" Yeah, I call that a workout, 4 minutes of craziness!

Afternoon Workout: Grace
65# Clean & Jerks x 30
*Yep, I can go heavier next time this one comes up.

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