Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Workout 5/13: 200m+400m Sprints

Okay y'all! No, I'm not from Texas, but I will be visiting TX over the summer, so I figured I should start preparing myself now. I'll be spending a week down there in the Dallas area for a conference (I know you are all jealous). This means I might get a chance to visit some of the CrossFit affiliates in that area, some of which I have heard wonderful things about (i.e., GSX Athletics and CrossFit Plano). So, I'll be counting down the days until is jam-packet before then anyway, so it'll probably sneak up on me.

So as advertised, I have started CrossFit Endurance training. Thanks to individuals in the CF community who are also triathletes, marathoners, and ultra-marathoners, I now have a resource to go to in order to receive free training calendars that incorporate the CrossFit method. This has sparked new interest in my training, and I hope to see some cool 5k and urbanathlon results due to this new training. Fortunately, I have a long way to go which makes it much more exciting.

CrossFit Endurance:
1 Mile Warm-up Run
Dynamic Movement Stretches
4 x 200m Sprints (:90 rest between each rep)
2 x 400m Runs (2:00 rest between each rep)
Cool Down and Stretch

*As you will see in the near future, CrossFit Endurance usually calls for a morning and an afternoon workout. For my schedule, I will be doing a WOD on Mondays, a CFE workout on Tuesday afternoon, and two-a-days on the other days of the week. Sundays will always be rest days, and I will have another rest day during the week. So, that's how it is.*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Eastside

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