Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workout 5/15: 5k

Enduring endurance training is difficult. Who knew? So I think I need to work up to CFE sorta like adapting/modifying WODs from the CrossFit main page. Or maybe I am just making up excuses because I'm not in the mood. Today just happened to be a rough day. But as I told my students today if they didn't meet a project deadline--I don't want to hear/make excuses. So I will stop making excuses and plainly state what I did.

Run 5k
(Time: 24:20.64)

*Decent! Five seconds off my PR! And this wasn't an "all out" effort since I thought maybe I'd have time to do another 5k after 10 minutes of rest. But I think I'd rather go home and enjoy time with my lovely wife and kids. So, to the second half of my workout...I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

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