Monday, May 19, 2008

Workout 5/19: Tabata Running

Track season is over! Time to start planning the new X-Country team! Does it ever stop? Nope. But now that track is over, I really have no excuse to not do my two-a-days that are planned. For some of you who are keeping me accountable, thanks! And for those of you questioning me, notice I deleted the 5k from Friday. I should have just sucked it up and got out there immediately after school let out, but I waited and procrastinated. I even changed at 4:00 PM, but my legs just would not move my butt out that door for 3 miles. So, this week's goal is to not miss any workouts. I will keep everyone of you accountability holders aware of my plan, so you have to hold me to it. I will try not to make your job hard by just doing it before you get on my back, 'cause I just can't handle the extra weight.

Workout: Tabata Running
Dynamic Stretches
Tabata Running (All out effort; :20 on, :10 off; 8 Rounds; 4:00 Total)

*Who knew 4:00 of work could be so hard. My lungs were/are burning! I am NOT looking forward to Tabata Treadmill Running! Here's just a peek of the fun to be had with that. A Video Clip of the Fun!

*Video courtesy of CrossFit Newport Beach

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Tanya said...

you need to remove the 5K from your title as well!

Next time I'm not going to leave until you are changed, out the door, and have done some laps!