Friday, May 2, 2008

Workout 5/2: Suck and Blow II

I am pretty excited that tomorrow marks the beginning of the running season for me. The past few years have focused on marathons and half-marathons, and the training is intense and takes all summer long. This year, my big race is the Men's Health Urbanathlon. Sure, it's 12 miles long, but it has an obstacle course feel to it as well. Climbing walls, jumping over taxis, crawling through culverts. So it should be fun. My other focus is the 5k distance. After running marathons, I have decided that the most intense race distances are the 5k and 10k. For a marathoner, 5k (3.1 miles) seem like a sprint, but there is so much strategy behind running it well and to the best of your ability. Intensity is key! So, tomorrow is the first of a few 5k races that I plan on running this year. I need to get a training schedule put down on paper so I can hold myself accountable. To all runners, cheers to a new season! To CrossFitters, cheers to a combination of running and CrossFit (which is what I plan on doing for my training schedule; CrossFit Endurance Rocks)!

1-mile run
Dynamic Stretch Routine
"Suck and Blow II"
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
25# (each arm) Dumbbell Thrusters x 10
Pull-ups x 10
(Exactly 6 Rounds)

*I had 6 seconds to fit in my last pull-up; I hung there for about 3 and it took me about 3 to get my chin over the bar. My pull-ups have really fallen by the wayside. Reason #1: Stupid extra poundage. Reason #2: Lax training. Reason #3: Stupid extra poundage.
*Urbanathlon Hit Chicago Streets

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Katie said...

Before I even read your blog I have to comment.

"It's Megamaid, Sir! She's gone from 'suck' to 'blow'!"

You really might want to consider revising that title... ;)

Katie said...

As for the stupid extra poundage... see my latest ramblings... :)