Monday, March 10, 2008

Workout 3/10: 5k

One week 'til Spring Break! Yes! No, I'm not a crazy college kid who's idea of a good time is to go get hammered on a beach somewhere warm. No, I'm not planning any interesting travel. I'm just excited to have some time to decompress and chill with my homies (wife, children, parents, friends).

Here's a little update on events I plan to participate in this year. I'm nixing the Lake Geneva Marathon. I could probably run it successfully, but it is Mother's Day weekend...time to honor the mother of my wonderful children. A couple additions include the JPMorganChase Corporate Challenge and the Trevor A. Win'E Memorial Day Challenge. Both of these will be a challenge! So I need to continue being diligent with my training.

Workout: Run 5K for Time
(Time: 23:58, Pace: 7:42/mile)
*Whoa, ho, ho! Bested my previous time by 40 seconds. Okay, I'm ready to rock a real 5K race!


Katie said...

I'm very jealous of people who can run! I tend to look as if I'm running in slow motion. :P

I noticed your Spartan poster today... if you are feeling frisky... give this a go. When the Meet the Spartans parody came out, we hit this version of the 300 workout...

"Meet the Spartans"
For time:
Floor Wipers 0
Pullups 25
Pushups 50
Push Press x 75 (55lb=W, 75lb=M)
Squats x 100
SDLHP x 75 (55lb=W, 75lb=M)
Pushups 50
Pullups 25
Floor Wipers 0

Brad said...

Wow - you were up early!

Nice time on the 5k.

I am going to try a 400m on the track soon to test out my VFFs and to see if I get the cramp again. Maybe this weekend...

Tanya gave me a site with a training plan to ramp up to a 5k. We have a lot of those around here - so maybe by early summer I'll do one.

On another note - did you get anymore of those virus thingys? I actually clicked on the one you had before. It freaked me out, but McAfee protected me.

Mr. Mirek said...

Katie...thanks for the idea. Tanya and my track athletes are always giving me this pleading look not to kill them with some of these workouts. This one sounds fun, so I should start posting a "BEWARE" sign outside my classroom now. Don't be jealous of people who can run. It's just like CF; it takes time to develop. Eight years ago I couldn't run around the block more than two times.

Brad, I'm always up early, even if my body tells me not too. Go for the 5k. They are fun and short; I'm actually considering 5ks to be my more marathons for a little while. And thanks for the virus check. After setting up the few Blogger comment moderation, I haven't had an issue. I don't open things from visitors I don't recognize, so no problems there. I'm glad to see it didn't scare you away for too long.

Keep truckin' my friends!