Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Workout 12/19: Fran

I did "Fran" as perscribed! Ugh! That's hard! I guess there is a reason why people boast over times that break the 5 or even 10 minute range. Here's how it went down...and it went down hard!

CrossFit: "Fran"
21-15-9 rep sets of:
95# Thrusters
For Time!

*It's an easy workout to type, but not to actually do! In fact, I'd say the workout is just about as harsh as listening to the person pictured below. I'd much rather do this workout again than watch an T.V. show with her on it.And at least she is doing things to improve the health of women (see


Kim Dowse said...

Happen to stumble on your blog. Great info. I truly like the "harsh" Fran reference. She's got such an annoying voice! You mentioned that you needed a recovery day from Angie. I needed one after Fran.

Gio said...

Paul, great job on the Fran! You are really improving on it.

Merry Christmas. Hope to hear from you soon. Have fun with the familia!