Friday, December 14, 2007

Workout 12/14: Stop the "Press"

Oh my goodness...the 24 hour rule really does apply to me. I did "Angie" the other day, and I felt great 12 hours later. But then 4:00 PM rolled around, and what did I experience? I felt like I was slowly being hit by a train. My body is so sore right now! I now know what people mean when they need to have recovery days after doing that workout. I feel like some recovery days, but I am stubborn enough not to take many; in fact, I was found working out again this morning at I a little nuts? Maybe eating all of those nuts on the Zone diet have made me mentally nuts too.

Reader BEWARE! The next paragraph has to do with Pukie, so if you don't want to read about it, skip this paragraph. Okay, so I have never experienced "Pukie the Clown," a lovely name for working out to the point of puking (Thank you CrossFit). However, I witnessed Pukie last night in the form of my daughter. We were having a great time with the kids as we sang and danced around the family room. We sang the old song, "If your happy and you know it, clap your hands...[clap] [clap]...etc." I got creative and added things like "spin around," "jump around," and "dance like crazy." Evie, being the awesome girl she is, had a blast following my direction. However, I think my direction went a little over board when she got the hick-ups from laughing so much. She hick-uped a little Pukie, but she held it in her mouth. She kind of chewed a little and puffed her cheeks out some, then slowly swallowed her treasure. After about a minute of us laughing hysterically, she sweetly said, "Yummmm, lettuce!" Ugh! My wife nearly experienced Pukie after that! Ah, memories!

CrossFit: Press Medley
Shoulder Press-1x65#, 1x95#, 1x115#, 1x115#, 1x120#
Push Press-3x95#, 3x105#, 3x105#, 3x115#, 3x120#


Luci said...

Too funny about Evie puking! Can't wait to see your beautiful hides in a week!

Gio said...

You are too funny! I almost met pukie this morning. Wilson Park WOD III.

Hip was killing me as usual, but completed the task. I did meet his weaker cousin, dry heaves!

Anonymous said...

VERY funny!! I love the many funny things that children do and say. Keep writing them down because it will be fun to look back and laugh! You sound like a fun dad!

Gio said...

Paul, I will be heading out on the 18th of January to Texas for the CrossFit cert. Would you like for me to bring you something back? Like a nice and new pukie patch?

Gotta earn it! ooops, you already did! Hope to see you soon.