Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Workout 12/26: "Total" Recall

So Christmas is over with, and we had a blast celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We made Him a birthday cake, and we got the chance to finish the Advent story. Evie loved every bit of it. Of course, she is now dealing with the post-Christmas blues of not giving and getting gifts, but she was reminded that we still have that Ultimate Gift given at Christmas time.

What a great time for an end-of-year progress report! It's been nearly a year now that I have started CrossFit, and it's time to check on the gains I have made in physical strength. During my first month of CrossFit, I did CrossFit Total, which is one measure of strength gained using the Back Squat, the Shoulder Press, and the Deadlift. Way back in April I set the goal of obtaining a CFT score of 615 by Thanksgiving. Well, I slacked a month before CFT came up again, so figured I ought to tackle it this time. I didn't meet my goal, but I am getting closer. The body still amazes me, and now it's time to set another future goal.

Goal: CrossFit Total score of 650 by Grad School Graduation Day (June)

CrossFit Total:
Back Squat-205#
Shoulder Press-115#
TOTAL: 575#
(Click the link above to see what CFT is all about)


Kim Dowse said...

Mrmirek - super work on your CFT and that's a great goal and gradustion present:)

Brad said...

Good work!

I'll set my CFT in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted...

Gio said...

That is an admirable goal. Keep up the great work, and you will see it through.

Happy New Year!

Hugs all around.

From the Salazar's and the Crew at Wilson Park.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mirek - Keep up the work. I love that you set a goal - in print. I need to do the same. Keep inspiring others.

Mr. Mirek said...

Thank you all for the encouragements!

It's the only way I remember my goals Kim! Thanks, and it helps people like you keep me accountable to my goals.

Gio, I miss you guys, but I don't miss the numb fingers. I'll see you next Saturday for an early birthday present to myself.

Brad, you're THERE! Congratulations making it through the 12-week intro program. I can't wait to see you catch me and pass me.

Kim D., welcome to my blog. Thanks for the encouragement!