Monday, December 31, 2007

Workout 12/31: Cheers to a Strong Back!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! So we have come to the end of another year, and we have accomplished some things, failed at others, and continue to grow in life. I hope all who have read this little blog have enjoyed following me through some of my experiences. I look forward with anticipation to continue sharing more of these special times with you in the upcoming year. Later this week I will sit down and take inventory of my goals from 2007 and create new goals or re-establish old goals for 2008. This way you all can keep me accountable. Thanks!

CrossFit: Row/Squat/Extend
5 Rounds for Time of:
500m Row
30 Squats
15 Back Extensions
(Time: 24.38)

That one burned my back up! I hobbled around the gym for many minutes after doing that workout, and I think I garnered some funny looks. It was amazing to see so many new must be the new year. Resolutions were intact a day early and Christmas presents were cashed in. I hope everyone sticks with their goals and not fall off the "bandwagon." For all of you starting something new, try CrossFit. It'll keep you going, and it may make others stare at a good way. CHEERS!

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