Monday, December 6, 2010

Workout 12/6: P90X Core Synergistics

Time flies when you are having "fun!" Yes, working out to the point of exhaustion is fun...for some. Today, I worked out with 4 students as we condition through December and January in preparation for track season. We did the Core Synergistics workout from P90X and worked our abs, butts, and quads to the max. I must say, for those of you who work out alone, you should find some others to workout with. You learn to motivate each other and moan in pain together. There's something about knowing someone else is in as much pain as you are that reminds you to keep going. You're not the only one.

The same can be said for any difficult task in life. If you know you are going through it with others, you can bear each other's pain. You can bear the weight together. I recognize that in my own life when I get together with other men and we share our struggles and walks with Christ together. When you know that another brother is struggling through the same things you are, when you know that you are holding each other accountable, when you know you are not alone...that's when you keep striving with a purpose in every step.

Yes, I know that was a cheesy connection to the title of my blog, but I'm okay with that. As for P90X. I am already seeing the benefits. Four pounds lost in a week and a half...mostly due to change in diet! Ability to do most of the P90X workouts! Feeling strong again. Let's git 'er done!

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The 8-count said...

definitely advise on trying to find a workout partner. My friend and I have been doing P90 together and we both appreciate having each other to rely on to a) wake up to work out and b) get through these tough workouts together! we've been blogging about it too on my blog.