Friday, December 3, 2010

Shall I Return?

Here I am, sitting at my work desk and reflecting on where I have been lately. Since January 2009, I have...

1) Stopped blogging my workouts.
2) Focused on running, but not as seriously.
3) Gone through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification process.
4) Became a National Board Certified Teacher!
5) Ran another Urbanathlon...and beat my co-worker (he didn't know we were racing).
6) Raised my three lovely children.
7) Ignited the passion with my lovely wife.
8) Gone from 175# to 215# back to 190#.
9) Decided to get back on the horse.

With point #9, I am going to experiment a bit with the horse. I am starting with P90X (Now until February). I will then move to CrossFit (February to May). Triathlon training (May to August). Half-Marathon training (August to October).

Sound fun? Come along for the ride. I think I'll have fun. Let's do this!

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