Friday, February 3, 2012

Workout 2/3/2012: Broad Jumpin' Foo'

Just to explain where I'm at with my fitness and what I am doing to improve, here's a little blurb. In January, I finished the 603PTP workout plan. It was great. I was moving heavy weight, I was losing weight, and by the end, I was hitting personal records in two lifts--the deadlift and the shoulder press. I was pleased with the progress.

Then February approached, and I decided to play around a bit with doing a little PTP-type work on the pull-up and the front squat as a bridge prior to starting a boxing regimen until March.

Well, things got funky then. Track & Field started, and I coach that sport. If any of you coach a sport, you know how consuming it can be, so boxing had to be scratched. So now I've decided to continue with the PTP-style workouts and modeling them from 603PTP. So what you will see is a repeat of some of the workouts I was doing in December and January.

The fun part for me is comparing the numbers and results. AND TODAY'S WAS PARTICULARLY TELLING!!! I love that PTP doesn't just make me a more powerful lifter, but the power shows in other ways. In December, 606PTP Workout #3 Cash-out looked like this:
Broad Jump "150 feet" in 25 Jumps
Two months later, I'm jumping the same workout, and I yield these results:
Broad Jump "150 feet" in 21 Jumps!

Talk about a feeling of improvement. Now doing front squats and pull-ups, we'll see what comes.

Warm-up: Jump Rope, "Down Dog" Stretch, & Tucker's Shoulder Stretch

Pull-ups: 5 Body-weight, Dead-hang Pull-ups; 5 of the same

Front Squat: 5 @ 115#; 5 @ 105#

Cash-out: Broad Jump "150 feet" (21 Jumps)

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