Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Returning to My Purpose: February 2013

Blogging: my friend & my enemy! Many years ago (relative in Internet years) I started this blog as a way to keep me accountable with my fitness goals (CrossFit & Running). Those years were good to me as I was able to build a good amount of strength through CrossFit. However, as time went by, the blogging process became redundant, and I wondered if anyone out there really cared about my "journey." So I lost steam and disappeared for periods of time.

Most recently, I shifted my strength training focus from CrossFit to 603PTP as hosted by Whole9. I loved that nearly 40 day adventure too. I saw gains in my power & strength, but after that process, I had no idea where to go with my blogs. So I disappeared for a year. Well, now I am back with a brand new "purpose & passion." I have had a journey that makes me excited to shout it from the mountain tops (the Internet is now the highest mountain I can think of). So here's what brings me back...

In October 2012, my beautiful wife encouraged me to go to the doctor because I had mentioned some tightness in my chest over the recent months. As a stubborn male, I brushed it off until she made an appointment for me without my knowing. As I reluctantly sat there in the doctor's office, the nurse took my vitals. Height. Weight. Temperature. Blood Pressure. Blood Pressure. "Wait...why is she taking my blood pressure a third time," I wondered. Yes, she took it three times! At that point, I knew something was truly wrong with me. She looked me in the eye and said, "Your blood pressure is way high. 180/120. That's not good." So the doctor gave me the ultimatum; "You must do something to get that blood pressure lower. This is a path you do not want to go down." And with that, he prescribed me my first old man medication.

So I went home after picking up my red bottle full of pills, told my wife the bad news, and started researching. I knew of some programs proven to improve the health of those who followed them, so I started there. I started with the Whole9 website because I had previous experience with it (603PTP). I also started to devour their book, It Starts With Food. I pondered, "Could I actually improve my situation with this diet or lifestyle?" The "paleo lifestyle" seemed a bit foreign, but could I do an experiment with myself to see if things could get any better? So I committed to it.

The doctor wanted to see me again in 4 weeks, so in November, I went back. In that 4 week period, I strictly followed a "paleo protocol" and researched the heck out of everything revolving around this new lifestyle. I focused completely on my food intake and put aside exercise for that time. I wanted to "get it right." So I sat on that doctor's table again as the same nurse took my vitals. She looked at me and said, "You had really high blood pressure the last time you were here." I nodded as she wrapped my arm and squeezed the bulb. She took her measurements and smiled; "120/80. Much better." The doctor gave me a quizzical look and asked the important question, "How did you do it?" I mentioned focusing on my food intake of meats, vegetable, fruits, & healthy fats and adopting a lifestyle of lower stress. He was quite impressed. So I continued doing the paleo lifestyle that had proven to work for me and my health.

Today, I am here shouting from my mountain top that WHAT YOU EAT REALLY MATTERS! Here I stand, 27 pounds lighter and weighing less than I did at my most intense exercise periods in 2005, 2007, & 2008 as I trained for the Chicago Marathon and with CrossFit. Here I type, excited to return to blogging and sharing every step of purpose.

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