Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Workout 1/31/2012: Everything Fun

Everything I did today was fun! From work to working out. Speaking of working out, I felt like today included nearly every sort of exercise and came away blasted and nearly empty. Looks like tomorrow is a lighter day after two very intensive days.

Workout: 1/31/2012
Warm-up: Dislocates, 20 Squats, 20 "Hand Release" Push-ups, 20 Sit-ups

Pull-ups: 5 Dead-hang Body-weight Pull-ups x 2 (*Time to start adding weight...perhaps I need a weight vest)

Front Squat: 5 @ 110#; 5 @ 100#

Cash-out: 5 Rounds of...
10 35# Dumbbell Snatch (5R/5L)
10 35# Dumbbell Swings (5R/5L)
10 Burpees*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Omaha.

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