Friday, January 13, 2012

Workout 1/13/2012: 603PTP Day30

Have you ever set a goal and failed to meet that goal; in fact, you may have gone in the total opposite direction?

Have you ever been so excited to do something planned, and then something comes up that prevents you from doing it?

Have you ever wanted to start something meaningful and worthwhile by a certain time only to have that date fly past and you haven't begun it?

Take those three disappointments, add them together, and that's how I am feeling right now. My goal of losing weight by December 31st...FAILED...I gained 7 pounds instead. My excitement to do a max effort 400m roads and sidewalks covered in slippery snow. My hope to start eating according to P90X day after I turned 35...PAST & NOT STARTED.

But there is good news. It is never too late to...
Set a new goal...
Make up the lost workout when things improve...
and Start something new.

Workout: 603PTP Day30

Buy-in: Dislocates & Lunge Hamstring Stretch

Deadlift: Set1 = 5@225#; Set2 = 5@205#

Press: Set1 = 5@110#; Set2 = 5@100#
Practice Handstands: Wall handstands for 7:00 (*10:00 perscribed, but felt pain after 7, so I decided to play it safe).

Cash-out: Accumulate 1:00 in an L-hang Position (6 reps of :10 each = 1:00)*Yep, like that, but mine were far from being that cute. Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Football

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