Friday, January 20, 2012

The End of 603PTP Round #1

Alright, my stint with this round of 603PTP is over. I am looking forward to doing it again with weighted pull-ups and front squats next time. Like I did with the Shoulder Press, I thought I’d give a picture of the journey I have been on starting 4 years ago with CrossFit Main Site WODs.

*Quick note: I took a break from most weight-based workout programs between 2009-2011 to focus on running.

Shoulder Press 1RM PR History:
6/1/2008–Using CrossFit–120#
12/29/2008–Using CrossFit–125#
1/18/2012–Using 603PTP–135#

Deadlift 1RM PR History:
12/26/2007–Pre CrossFit–255#
1/29/2008–Using CrossFit–265#
5/14/2008-Using CrossFit-275#
7/28/2008-Using CrossFit-295#
1/20/2012–Using 603PTP–315#

603PTP’s program did it again!

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