Saturday, August 11, 2007

Urban Trek to Millenium Park

Okay, so taper week does have its benefits...such as having the chance to hang out with the fam in the morning. Yes, sleeping in was nice too, but I can't get too used to that since the school year is just around the corner. Today was a beautiful day to spend picking up my race packet for the Chicago Distance Classic, urban hiking, running around in the "spitting" fountains at Millenium Park, seeing "the bean," listening to Japanese music at the Pavilion, eating a hotdog and snow cone along the lakefront, seeing the artistic globes, and hearing Evie say "ECHO" as we walked through tunnels. I think I sunburned my head with this new haircut. Probably not the smartest idea to go out without sunscreen on since just yesterday the dermatologist scolded me for running without it. Well, tonight is the Pasta Party for Team M3. Wish me luck on eating with moderation. I'll picture what I might leave on the ground during the half-marathon tomorrow if I don't watch what I eat. That will keep me on the right track! Keep an eye out tomorrow to see how we did! Wish the students super-running wishes!The "movie star" and the "rock star"

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