Saturday, August 4, 2007

Workout 8/4

We have our team shirts and shorts! Yeah! Team M3 finally received out shirts to wear on race day next Sunday--Chicago Distance Classic, here we come! You could feel it in the air this morning that the big race day is coming. Every kid was motivated to get out there and prove that they could run a long distance. For many of these kids, they are the first ones in their family to run for their health--let alone run 13.1 miles. I am so PROUD of them! This morning's run was paced to the point that we stayed together for most of the run. Manny, Edson, Dave, Rick, Cortez, and I voted early on to run without the 1 minute walk breaks, and we cruised. I know many of them will accomplish their goals on race day. Edson shared with me that he would like to finish in under 2 hours (a very noble and attainable goal seeing as he ran it in 2:08 last year). We are all looking forward to next Saturday--PASTA PARTY!!! Carbo-loading to the MAX! I just hope many of the students don't over eat...I'd hate to see the treasures left of the race course if that happens. We'll emphasize carbo-loading with moderation.

Run: 9 miles (1:24.40, 9.24/mile pace)

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