Monday, August 6, 2007

Workout 8/6

I finally remembered what it was like to run in Florida, but the funny thing is, I'm here in Chicago. Many of us around the country are learning how to maintain our training schedules in the heat and the humidity. It means making sacrifices that we may not be fond of...running indoors, waking up early, running late in the evening, etc. But hey, we are mentally training too. These diverse conditions force us to pull up our shorts, throw on our shoes, and step out the door while MENTALLY fixing ourselves to face the uncomfortable obstacles. For most of us, marathons are not easy. For many of us, CrossFit is not simple. But it's not always about our physical abilities either. At mile 20, our minds keep us going when our legs can't do it on their own anymore. When doing CrossFit Total, our minds help us push through an extra 20 pounds on our back squat. Don't forget about the mental aspect of sport and begin training for it. 4:30 AM, 90% Humidity, 80 degrees, near total darkness, running alone...PERFECT TIME TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN!

Run: 4.08 miles (36.22; 8.54/mile pace)

CrossFit: "Modified Jason"
50 Squats
9 Pull-ups
9 Dips
25 Squats
18 Pull-ups
18 Dips
15 Squats
27 Pull-ups
27 Dips
10 Squats
36 Pull-ups
36 Dips

*Why so many Pull-ups and Dips, you ask? Since I can't do a Muscle-up, the modification is to do 3 Pull-ups and 3 Dips for 1 Muscle-up. I wanted to give up! But it was mental training there you go! No, I can't do them without help, so I did do assisted pull-ups with the "GloboGym" machine...I'm not that impressive...YET!

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