Thursday, June 21, 2007

Workout 6/18

Ah beautiful, wonderful vacation! I am in Georgia along the beautiful Atlantic coast right now in an air conditioned house with nothing to worry about other than how hot and how cloudy it might be today. Sitting on the beach and at the pool has zapped my desire to run and workout, but I am on a schedule. It's so hard to wake up and put on those running shoes when one can lay there in bed and think about all the other fun things to do in the day around here. By the way, I recommend coming down here to St. Simons Island, GA if you ever get the chance. It's quaint, quiet, and offers quality chill time. Well, since I am "training" for a marathon, I suppose I ought to post my runs. So here they are:

Run: 4.35 miles (39:44, 9:08 pace)

It's hot and humid when running, so I am a bit slower here. But hey, it's summer, so I ought to get used to it. It's not like Chicago's any different.

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