Saturday, June 9, 2007

Workout 6/9

It's back to marathon training with another Team M3 training run. Today called for an 8 mile run, and it was finally nice weather that put a smile on my face. However, after the time away from running consistently due to being all over the place and a bit injured or sick, that was difficult. The teens sped ahead and kept us all very honest with our abilities. We all kept together as a group for the first half, but then the "old fogeys" started to lag behind. I guess that's just the natural way of things. If your curious as to where our run went, please click on the milage. It will take you to a map of our run. Of course, I didn't time this run because the point is to mentor a teen, not race them. We were going at an 8 something minute/mile pace, but I think I slowed down a bit at the end. One of these days I'll time it and figure out how we're doing. For now, here's our run.

Run: 8.19 miles

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