Monday, October 15, 2007

Workout 10/13

Ah, the environment. It's a hot topic these days...literally hot seeing as the focus is on our warming climate. It's so hot that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee decided to award Al Gore the Peace Prize (for making a movie?). Well, I thought I'd vie for the Peace Prize by running from my front door this morning rather than driving to the Lakefront Path or to the Globogym. Now all I have to do is get some fabulous writers on my side to make a fantastic proposal to the Committee; I think I have a lock on next year's Nobel Peace Prize. So all of you who are even considering making a run for that "prestigious" prize, you can give up now because it already belongs to me.

Run: 6 Miles (49.32; 8.15/mile pace)

*The back of my knee is starting to bother me. About two weeks to go until my next marathon (Grand Rapids). I think I best slow it down a little and just focus on quality miles and not pushing the pace too much. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

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