Friday, October 19, 2007

Workout 10/19

I guess the Chicago marathoners whined enough to make people have pity on them. It seems like marathons around the country are trying to one up everyone else; first it was Des Moines giving a discounted rate, then it was Denver offering free entries (one just had to buy the airfare), now Lake Geneva, WI is handing out freebies too...nice that it is the general vacinity of Chicago for those who live here. Sure the Lake Geneva Marathon is everything that the Chicago Marathon is not, but what does one expect. Remember that old saying, "Beggers can't be choosers." I think that's important to remember in cases like this. Here's my suggestion, let's go, not complain, run, and make the marathon our own by having fun in the process.

I'm going to put it on my "To Run" list. Anyone who wants to join me on the run, let me know. Ah, winter training, this is going to be fun! And I know I keep wishing marathon training to be over...well, it looks like a mix of CrossFit and running for me. Details will follow!

Run: 6 Miles (52.31, 8.45/mile pace)

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