Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Workout 9/12

I finally made it back to the gym this morning, and it was a very satifying experience. I haven't had the chance to have many quality workouts over the past few weeks due to busy schedules, achy muscles, crampy legs, and tiredness. So I have been taking it a bit easier because I don't want to burn myself out or hurt myself. Even though the Chicago Marathon is less than 4 weeks away, I know that if I hurt myself, I will not be at the starting line. Some running wisdom I heard lately says, "Better to toe the line undertrained than overtrained." So I have been applying that wisdom while I let my muscles rest a bit. But I have been itching to get to the 20-miler this weekend. In preparation for that long, long, long run, I figured I ought to work out while I had the chance.

Since Evie is potty-training today, I was able to have the car and save on my commute time. Twenty-five minutes to commute is so much better than an hour. I am so excited too for Evie. I am just sitting here awaiting the phone call to congratulate her on making her first duty in the toilet. That may sound weird to non-parents, but it is a HUGE accomplishment that I can't wait to praise Evie for. Well, here's what circumstances allowed me to do this morning.

CrossFit: "Modified Barbara"
5 Round for Time or:
10 Assisted Pull-ups (very light assistance, I am improving)
15 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups
25 Squats
(Time: 28.15)IT'S POTTY TIME!!! GO EVIE!!! (literally)

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