Friday, September 21, 2007

Workout 9/21

I disassociated a lot today while listening to music on my run, so I did not ponder too many things. Unfortunately, that means I don't have a whole lot of wisdom to espouse today. There are only 16 days left until the Chicago Marathon, and tapering is my new favorite friend. Mileage hasn't dropped off too much this week, but next week signifies noticeable fewer miles on the schedule, and I am looking forward to that. Other than that news, there's not much else to say. Although my wife will laugh when I say this, but I was able to do some weighted pull-ups yesterday. They were my first attempts at weighted pull-ups, and I was only able to do one at a time. What was the weight you ask? My son (about 18 pounds)! He was strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn! That was fun...for me at least.

Run: 4 miles (33.00, 8.15/mile pace)

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