Friday, September 7, 2007

Workout 9/5

The human body is amazing! Today I ran with Dan, and he shared with me a story about his dad. More about that in one second. Just the simple fact that we were running made me focus on the awesome-ness of the ability to run. Everything works the way it is supposed to! The fact that my mind can carry me to the next street corner amazes me sometimes, especially when my legs don't want to do that. I bring that up because I felt that way many times today when Dan pushed the pace. Thanks for nearly killing me Dan!

Back to his dad who had quadruple bypass heart surgery on Tuesday this week. Just 24-hours later he was up walking around. AMAZING! Now that is some mental toughness. I have had minor surgery before, and walking around was the least of my desires 24-hours afterwards. In fact, the doctors told him he would be able to participate in a baseball training camp coming up in three months. Now I don't know about you, but I think that is a wild witness to the amazing design and tenacity of the human body. Stories like this abound, and they motivate me beyond what I feel my body can handle sometimes.

Run: No specific distance, we just ran until the "dinner bell rang."

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Tom said...

Have read many of your recent posts, but this one caught my eye and had to comment on it.

You're right the body is an amazing phenomenon. It can achieve so much, recover so well--all without us really do much except fueling and exercisig it.

I'm a Shakespeare fan and love Navy Pier, but haven't seen anything presented there yet at the S Theatre.

Good luck counting down to Chicago. Enjoy the anticipation and excitement. I am.