Monday, September 17, 2007

Workout 9/15

20 MILES! We have finally reached our peak for marathon training. Team M3 rocked the Lakefront Path this morning even though a chill nipped at us and made us want to pull the covers over our heads before we even stepped out of the house this morning. But once we got moving, our bodies warmed up. I am wishing for a day just like that on October 7th. Chilly, light breezes, and beautiful sunshine. I ran with Roberto for the first half of this long run...Roberto is a STUD! Ask many 16-year-old sophomores if they want to get up early on a Saturday morning and run for 20 miles, and I'm sure the answer will include some explicatives in the negative. But Roberto attacked the path with a positive spirit. When he wanted to stop, he kept his eye out for the next mile marker and drove toward it. Ah, this experience is GREAT!

Since duty called at home (or should I say "doo-doo" since Evie is still potty training), I decided to truck the last half of the run on my own while Roberto hung back with another group of runners. It was great to just let loose and run. It was great to be reminded of how fresh you can finish your run if you don't push your pace too fast too early. I must remember this lesson on marathon morning and remind my student of it because race jitters will be running high. Now begins the mild taper. Three weeks to go, and the fun begins!

Run: 20 miles (Time: ???, Pace: ???)

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Radman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Keep it up buddy!!!