Friday, April 20, 2007

4/20 Workout

CrossFit TOTAL...yeah! So today marks the day that I create my benchmarks for CrossFit. But before I did that had to get in my marathon training too. So this is how it went.

Run: 5 quarter mile hills with quarter mile rests in between. Hills were run at marathon pace.

CrossFit: Warm-up, then down to business...
Back Squat: 165
Shoulder Press: 105
Deadlift: 195
TOTAL: 465

So how did I measure up? A CrossFit Total score like that measures up between an Untrained Person and a Novice CrossFitter. So, I have a ways to go...maybe by Thanksgiving I will be scoring a 615. I guess I just made a new goal--CFT Score: 615 by Thanksgiving.

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