Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Saints Alive!"

Phillipians 1:3-11

Saints = HOLY ONES
We are SAINTS made HOLY/RIGHTEOUS through the sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST.

JOY is the realization that a SOVEREIGN GOD is ACTIVELY at work in our PERSONAL LIVES.

4 RESPONSES we can have TOWARD GOD because he is ACTIVELY INVOLVED in out lives.

-Paul expressed this even while in prison chained to a prison guard in Rome.
-Gratitude expressed in rememberance and fellowship in diversity but with the common denominator of Jesus Christ.

-Fully convinced of what GOD did, can do, and will do through our lives for HIS GLORY.
-From START to FINISH when Christ returns.

3rd RESPONSE: PASSION (vs. 7-8)
-Having a passion for GOD's people-not just a "mind-feeling" (i.e., Charlie Brown-"I love mankind, but I can't stand people.") It has to do with the depths of the heart.
-Compassionate about defending the truth of the GOOD NEWS, making disciples and building the body of Christ (every tongue, tribe, race, and nation), being an ambassador of Christ.

4th RESPONSE: GROWTH (vs. 9-11)
-Growing in knowledge and understanding
-NOT blind enthusiasm, but perseptive
-Sincerity and Integrity through a relationship with Jesus Christ

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