Thursday, February 14, 2008

Workout 2/14: "Randy"

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope every one of you have been made to feel special today by someone in your life. If not, extend your loving heart out to someone and make them feel special, and you may be surprised by what you get in return. I hope that didn't sound to sappy or fortune-cookie-ish, but there is a lot of truth behind that action. As everyday, I was made to feel special by my wife and both of my children. No, I wasn't served breakfast in bed or hugged exorbitantly this morning before heading off to work, but the love that flows so freely from them blows me away. I hope they feel the same way about me even with my imperfections...but aren't we all that way.

Persecuted Heroes Focus: The Staines Family

CrossFit: "Randy"--Heroes Workout for Randy Simmons, fallen LAPD officer
For Time:
55# Power Snatch x 50
(Time: 6'58")*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Atlanta

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