Monday, February 25, 2008

Workout 2/25: 5k

Bubblegum Ice Cream and a Movie...that's my daughter's idea of a fantastic evening. I don't think I've ever seen anyone take a whole hour to eat a bowl of ice cream, but it is possible when you pair it with a fascinating movie like Finding Nemo. However, now we have to deal with the consequences of being asked to watch that movie over and over again. Maybe we'll have to have another special evening sometime in the near future before we return it to the movie store.

The weather around here is trying to break. The sun is more frequent, the temps are trying to move above freezing, and I heard my first robin this morning. This means it's time to get my running shoes out for more than just indoor track coaching. It's time to RUN! I am almost praising the fact that my arms have been overused because that means I have more excuses to get out there and run. I'm getting the winter itch; no, not dry skin; I'm antsy and want to get back into regular running paired with CrossFit. Marathon talk has begun nipping at my ears, and it's nearing the time to commit to something.

CrossFit: Run 5k
(Time: 24:39.06; Pace: 7:56)

*Whoa, okay, that pace was awesome! I haven't run much in a long time, so I surprised myself right there. CrossFit is helping me in all areas of fitness. YEAH! Next task, work on POSE running! I run well, but can I run better? That is the question.*And for those of you coming here to hear about good diets, uh, sorry, but this ice cream brings back so many childhood memories.


Bob Guere said...

Thanks for stopping by... You can't beat a movie with your daughter. I try to do this often, just her and I out (or home) spending time together.

Eva, on the other hand, is a witch. No, she's not, she's very nice and down to earth by the interviews I've watched... but that workout! Yeah, i tried it alright... Scaling it almost 50% still whooped my booty dead.

Janell said...

When I was little I would get Bubble Gum ice cream at DQ ALL the time. Now I more prefer DQ's superb soft serve. I think everyone's got a Zone-(or other diet)-shattering weakness (or 2) - but its SO worth it sometimes.

Janell said...

just wanted to put in 2 more cents and say props to you guys for reserving father / daughter time! Growing up- my dad & I used to go for Sunday afternoon walks in random parks around - discovered cool trails and just had fun outside together. Seriously that time goes a LONG way.

Gio said...

Father Daughter(s) time is awesome. Eldest loves just to workout with us, youngest loves movies and reading with Dad. We all shared Valentine's day Father/Daughter dances together.
Things like that go a long way like Janell said.