Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Workout 2/16: Level 1 Testing

It's February and that means I am taking on the one first level testing posted by CrossFit Seattle (Level4). The gist behind this is to measure one's basic fitness and strength levels. If a person is able to complete all of the tasks on a certain level with the given benchmark goals, they are well-rounded individuals at that level. Level 1 is the "Well-Rounded Beginner" Level. My goal during this month from 2/16 to 3/16 is to find out if I can pass all of the tests after having done a combination of CrossFit and marathon training over the last year. I'm not much into anniversaries (other than my wedding anniversary), so I have little clue as to what my one-year of CrossFit date is, but I do know it is coming up in this month. So this is why I am undertaking this testing now. Here's how it went.

CrossFit: Level 1 Testing
Test #1: 2000m Row (9:20) Failed (benchmark-8:10)
Test #2: Push-ups (10) Passed
Test #3: Pull-ups (3) Passed
Test #4: Dips (3) Passed
Test #5: Deadlift (155#) Passed
Test #6: Free Squats (50) Passed
Test #7: Dead Hang (30 seconds) Passed

*Went out way too hard on the row, and I paid for it dearly. Next time I need to remember pacing. Just like running, but I haven't been running much lately. I guess it's back to the treadmill to get my stamina up.

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Janell said...

I like that sign! Here at my school, the word "motivated" is so overused to the point its almost an insult in general use, but I like this too much...I think this will go on my cork-board...right next to my picture of Eva T.