Monday, February 11, 2008

Workout 2/11: The Evil Eleven

Workouts of the Day are in order for the remainder of the month. I have been saving a couple interesting ones from the previous week that I missed, so it's time to tackle them. I feel so refreshed and rearin' to get back into it. I forgot how awfully rejunivating it is to kick a WOD into gear and finish it with gusto. Although today's was ugly and evil, I feel so accomplished after it. Too bad I forgot a towel to sub for rope climbs. What ever happened to climbing ropes in P.E. classes anyway? Liability has killed physical fitness. Hence the reason why hardly anyone can do a pull-up any more. GO GET 'EM!*Photo courtesy of CrossFit Eastside.

CrossFit: The Evil Eleven (Younger Sibling to the Dirty Dozen)
For Time:
20 Walking Lunge Steps
15 Pull-ups
35 Chair Jumps
30 Single Under Jumprope Jumps
20 Bar Dips
15 Knees to Chest
20 45# Dumbbell Swings
20 Sit-ups
15 25# Hanging Squat Cleans
20 Back Extensions
20 15# Wall Ball Shots
(Time: 17'38")

1 comment:

Brad said...

I never could climb the rope we had in Junior High. This was most likely lack of confidence. I'd love to try it now!

Sad that they are gone.

Glad you are on the horse again!