Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Workout 1/13: Power Cleans and Dips

Scott is watching! That is the mantra I have to tell myself when it comes to working out now. Recently I met up with my friend Scott who has been rockin' the CrossFit and running. Funny because that is what I am trying to do also, but my blog shows that I have been slumping in that area. So I now have to remember that he reads my blog, and he is going to keep me accountable. And now I have to send this link to another friend of mine because he said he wanted to do that same thing; read my blog to keep me accountable. Okay, so here we go.

Also, I figure I should be a man/coach of my word. I wrote this in my athletes' training log. It comes from Coach Jeff Arbogast of Utah. "Workouts have an inertia all their own. Once you start stringing together workouts with consistency, they develop the inertia of a snowball rolling downhill. They pick up momentum and ultimately become a huge motivator. If you have put together an entire week of training without missing anything, you accomplish something that helps with getting out of bed in the second week. One month becomes two, and two becomes a season, and a couple seasons become a yearly plan. Do what you can to keep the string of training alive so it helps drive you."

Time to eat my words!

Workout: Power Cleans and Dips
65# Power Cleans x 12
Assisted Dips x 20
65# Power Cleans x 9
Assisted Dips x 15
65# Power Cleans x 6
Assisted Dips x 10
65# Power Cleans x 3
Assisted Dips x 5
(Time: 9:30.83)

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