Wednesday, May 23, 2007


For any of you who have been wondering, "Where have the daily posts gone?", well, I've been sick. Ugh! I can't remember a cold hitting me this hard before. I felt fine Thursday and Friday morning, but by Friday night, I was floored with a fever and major head cold. My wife and kids fled to the suburbs in an attempt to stay away from this nasty cold. But a week has almost gone by, and I am feeling better. Tomorrow I aim to get back to the gym, although I must admit that I have enjoyed sleeping in in the name of recovery.

Note on the numbness, it's still there. It has gone down some, but my pinky finger and forearm are still numb from doing the OHS almost a week ago. I might have to schedule a doctor's check up. If it doesn't feel normal by Tuesday, I'll make the call. Now you all have to hold me accountable to that.

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