Monday, May 7, 2007

Workout 5/7

I didn't get my full workout in this morning. Running 6 miles really eats up your time when you only have about an hour to stay at the gym in the morning. My arms are still shaking a bit from the CrossFit section today, and that's what I had to cut short. Boo! I'm weak

Run: 6 miles (didn't time it)

30 Pull-ups
30 Dips
(Was supposed to time it, but I didn't)

I really wanted to attempt 60 pull-ups and 60 dips, but time ran out and someone was on the machine (yes, I need assistance still). Hate to say it, but I felt like puking after this morning's workout. Eww!


Radman said...

Dude, 30 pull ups? You're certainly stronger than I am!

Mr. Mirek said...

Hey, give it a try...okay, so they are assisted pull-ups. I'm telling you, crossfit will punish you in a good way...and pull-ups are a requirement. It's so fun. I just look at the musclemen in the gym and wonder if they can do a pull-up. Oh Mike, you are stronger than me in many ways!

Radman said...

Ah, go on.

No, seriously, go on. ;D

Josh and I will have to talk about making you an honorary "Buff Daddy". I mean, you're pretty much there, you're buff and you're a daddy; so put 'em together and whatdayagot?

Mr. Mirek said...

josh? oh man, i haven't heard that name in ages. how's josh doing? wow!

Mr. Mirek said...

...and thanks for the "buff daddy" status!